Sen. David Perdue Campaign Releases Ad on Democrat Georgia Senate Candidate Jon Ossoff’s ‘Shady China Connection’

Jon Ossoff
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Sen. David Perdue’s (R-GA) campaign on Thursday morning released a digital ad highlighting Democrat Senate candidate Jon Ossoff’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party-linked media company PCCW.

The ad highlights how during the Georgia Senate primary Ossoff failed to include in his campaign financial disclosures that his media production company Insight TWI received a payment from PCCW, which is run by a CCP member Wang Xiaochu and owned by a man who has openly opposed Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests. Two months later, after the June 9 primary, Ossoff quietly updated his financial disclosures to include the payment from PCCW.

The new ad is titled, “Jon Ossoff Has a China Problem,” and features commentary from Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and Senator-elect Bill Hagerty (R-TN), and conservative commentators Dana Perino, Mark Levin, and Erick Erickson.

Since the revelation of the payment, Ossoff’s campaign has given different explanations for why he did not include the payment in his financial disclosures in May. His campaign first called it a “paperwork oversight.”

Then, as Breitbart News’ Ashley Oliver reported, the campaign claimed that the dollar amount received from PCCW was “around $1,000,” which it said was below the reporting threshold. Oliver reported:

Now, according to a December 9 report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ossoff’s campaign has updated its explanation, saying the dollar amount received from PCCW was “around $1,000,” a detail that conflicts with the Senate filling requirement to disclose payments that are more than $5,000.

‘Though the payments were below the $5,000 reporting threshold, the [Ossoff] campaign said the sums were disclosed in the interest of transparency,’ the AJC reported.

Breitbart News asked the Ossoff campaign about the payment disclosure discrepancy and if Ossoff had proof of the claimed amount of $1,000, but did not receive a response.

The financial disclosure form asks, “If this is your first report, or you are a candidate did you receive compensation of more than $5,000 from a single source in the two prior years?” Ossoff’s campaign wrote, “Yes,” and listed 32 sources, including PCCW.

Perdue said in a statement:

Jon Ossoff has had every opportunity to be forthright with the people of Georgia about his business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party — but his shoddy explanations can only lead us to believe he’s hiding the truth.

From Eric Swalwell to Hunter Biden, it’s clear our foreign adversaries are working to penetrate our government by leveraging any relationship they can, and my China-bought opponent would provide them just another way to threaten our national security.

Last week, the Free Beacon revealed that Ossoff’s millionaire father met with Chinese dignitaries after purchasing a 60-foot yacht from a China-based shipbuilder tied to Chinese Communist Party officials.

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