Jen Psaki: Biden Is Helping Small Businesses by Nominating a Woman to Lead the Small Business Administration

Jen Psaki during White House Q&A on Twitter
White House

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki indicated the sex of an appointee is the most significant thing President Joe Biden has done for small businesses.

Psaki was fielding questions submitted by Twitter, and one was, “What is President Biden doing for my small business?”

“First and foremost, he nominated a woman to lead the Small Business Administration who formerly worked there,” she replied in the White House-produced video.

She went on to tout an executive order that provided funding only for “minority-owned small businesses”.

It’s not the first time Psaki attempted to use an appointee’s sex as a unique asset.

In January, Psaki was asked about fluctuating stocks and noted physical characteristics of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

“Is the White House concerned about the stock market activity we’re seeing around GameStop and now some other stocks as well?” a reporter asked, according to the Washington Times. “Have there been any conversations with the SEC about how to proceed?” 

“Well, I’m also happy to repeat that we have the first female treasury secretary and a team that’s surrounding her and often questions about markets,” Psaki responded. “We’ll send [you] to them. But our team is, of course, our economic team, including Secretary Yellen and others, are monitoring the situation.”

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