Ashley Hinson: ‘Tell the Liberal Elites Like Bill Gates to Keep Your Hands Off of Our Beef’

In this Sept. 12, 2011, file photo, Simmental beef cattle feed on hay in a pasture near Middletown, Ill. As ranchers in drought-parched Texas and Oklahoma cut back their herds some ranchers in other states with healthy pastures like Illinois, Iowa and Montana are adding to their herds. (AP Photo/Seth …
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Rep. Ashley Hinson (R-IA) told Breitbart News Saturday that Americans should tell “liberal elites” such as Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates to keep their hands off of America’s beef.

Hinson spoke to Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle as Gates has advocated for rich countries such as the United States and western Europe to eat 100 percent synthetic beef. In response to Gates’ mission to have industrialized nations eat entirely synthetic beef, Hinson, a freshman congressman, started a petition to fight back against the big tech billionaire.

Hinson said on Breibtart News Saturday, “It comes down to the fact that they’re out of touch, right? Radical left elitists like Bill Gates calling for our country to move to 100 percent synthetic beef just shows that they clearly don’t relate to everyday Americans. In Iowa, we eat real beef. Americans across the country enjoy Iowa beef, I just visited an Iowa processing plant this week and I can tell you they’re hard-working Americans making that beef.”

She added that Americans “want the real stuff, they don’t Bill Gates’ manufacturing in a test tube.”

Hinson added that Gates’ mission would put many farmers out of work.

Hinson continued, “The livestock industry here, Matt, is absolutely critical to our way of life and our economy. Not just here in Iowa, but in the heartland. I heard a farmer describe it: it feels like death by a thousand cuts because everyone is trying to exert their influence and they have no real understanding of how this process works, about the care the farmers give to their animals. I would invite Bill Gates to come to Iowa, see how our livestock industry meet the people that he would be putting out of a job with these regulations, like the single mother with three kids that I met, who’s hard at work on the floor of the processing plant, or the man who’s making $24 an hour.”

“If you want to help us, tell the liberal elites like Bill Gates, keep your hands off of our beef,” she said.

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