Joe Biden Forgets to Put His Mask Back On in the Oval Office

The White House

President Joe Biden again forgot to put his mask back on at an event Thursday, even as he repeatedly calls for Americans to wear masks to stop the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden arrived wearing his mask for a bill signing ceremony at the Oval Office but removed it to sign the bill and make remarks to reporters.

After doing so, the president stood up without his mask to leave.

He put a note card and his mask in his suit coat pocket as he smiled and walked out with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden forgets mask

Joe Biden forgets mask


This is the third time Biden has walked away from an event without putting his mask back on.

On Monday, Biden walked away from the podium without his mask at an event celebrating International Women’s Day.

In February, Vice President Kamala Harris reminded the president to get his mask after he left it on the podium.

The president repeatedly urges Americans to keep wearing masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.


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