Buttigieg: Mileage Tax to Fund Infrastructure ‘Shows a Lot of Promise’

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said Friday on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” that to fund President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, a tax on mileage traveled looks promising.

When asked about a mileage tax, Buttigieg said, “I think that shows a lot of promise. If we believe in that so-called user-pays principle, the idea that part of how we pay for roads is you pay based on how much you drive. The gas tax used to be the obvious way to do it; it’s not anymore. So, a so-called vehicle miles traveled tax or a mileage tax, whatever you want to call it, could be the way to do it.”

When asked about “build America bonds, Buttigieg said, “Definitely a lot of promise in terms of the way we leverage that kind of financing. There have been ideas around things like a National Infrastructure Bank, too.”

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