Nolte: Joe Biden’s Shift on Masks Is Based on Failure and Panic

U.S. President Joe Biden removes his mask before speaking about updated CDC mask guidance on the North Lawn of the White House on April 27, 2021 in Washington, DC. President Biden announced updated CDC guidance, saying vaccinated Americans do not need to wear a mask outside when in small groups. …
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This is just my opinion. I am still allowed to have an opinion, right? So this is just my opinion, but not for a single moment do I believe science had a damn thing to do with yesterday’s announcement that we can finally remove these masks, end social distancing, and that government-run schools will be reopening in the fall.

Are you kidding me with this BS?

For months and months and months, the science has made clear it was safe to reopen schools.

For months and months, the positive results coming out of the totally open and free states of Texas and Florida suggest social distancing and mask mandates are unnecessary after people are vaccinated.

But all of a sudden…? Straight out of the blue…? Just like that, Joe Biden (who is such a Mask Nazi, he wore a mask outdoors and while on Zoom calls) announces an end to social distancing and mask mandates for the fully vaccinated?!?!

Oh, and the fascist who heads America’s second-largest fascist teachers’ union also came out yesterday and said schools must reopen!

Oh, my, what a coincidence!

Let me tell you right now… These announcements have as much to do with science as they do with my butt.

You want to know why Biden and the teachers’ unions and the CDC finally decided it was time to acknowledge the science that’s been out for months?

This is why.

And so is this.

Gee, it’s almost as if Biden kept these fascist, anti-science rules in place until he could break the glass in an emergency to distract from his growing pile of failures.

If His Fraudulency Joe Biden could, he’d keep us in masks, keep our schools closed, and keep us locked down forever. The whole Democrat party would, as well, as would the corporate media, the CDC, teachers’ unions, Big Tech, and Big Business. Controlling us, punishing us, manipulating us, scaring us… That’s their idea of governing and leadership.

April’s catastrophic jobs numbers must have really rattled this White House, and the reality of that awful number, the fact that number could not be papered over with fake news or spin, must have forced Biden’s hand.

Again this is just my opinion, but there is no doubt in my mind, and I said so at the time, that this administration’s anti-science refusal to behave as though the coronavirus vaccine is effective is having a terrible effect on economic growth.

Biden’s fully vaccinated and running around outside with a mask!?!

Biden’s fully vaccinated and wearing a mask with others who are fully vaccinated!?!

He’s wearing a mask on Zoom call, for crying out loud!

And then he really put a scare in people by pulling the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the act of an alarmist, not someone looking at the science. Sure, he eventually put it back in play, but the damage was done.

Finally, let’s not forget the whole issue of how are people supposed to go back to work when the fascist teachers’ unions (who support Biden) refuse to go back to work? Someone has to stay home with kids who should be in school.

Thankfully, Biden couldn’t have it both ways. He couldn’t keep us in masks, keep us locked down, keep the schools closed, and grow the economy. The reality of reality made those two goals incompatible, so we should thank the reality of reality for freeing us from fascist mask and lockdown mandates, not Biden.

And, of course, Biden also needed to distract from the fact that for the first time since Jimmy Carter, Americans were waiting in gas lines.

The truth is that to keep us oppressed, Joe Biden ignored the science for as long as he could. The reality of a failed presidency is what forced his hand, not science.

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