CNN’s Lemon: Harris Should Have Been Ready for Border Question – Getting Called Defensive ‘Often’ ‘Happens to Women’

On Wednesday’s “Don Lemon Tonight,” host Don Lemon said Vice President Kamala Harris’ answer to a question on visiting the border was an example of Harris not having an answer ready for an obvious question and that being called defensive is “often something that happens to women, especially women who are in power.”

Lemon began the segment by pointing to reporting that White House officials don’t view Harris’ trip to Central America as a success and added that the question was “a lay-up” and that Harris should have had an answer ready. He also stated that it is fair to criticize Harris’ performance.

Later, CNN Political Commentator Ashley Allison said, “[B]lack women are often held to a different standard and are scrutinized at a level, called defensive, called flippant, called all these things because we get one thing wrong. That is what I’m saying. And I think that her answer was not perfect but I don’t think it should be in the news cycle for an entire week.”

Lemon responded, “I don’t disagree with what you’re saying, and I accept that. But also remember…what happened with Hillary Clinton, who is a white woman, they talked about her voice and that she was defensive and she was robotic and whatever. It’s often something — I don’t want to mansplain, but you guys can correct me if I’m wrong, it’s often something that happens to women, especially women who are in power. Am I wrong?”

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