‘Paranoid’ CBS Reporter Admits Tweet Revealing Her Multiple Vaccination Card Copies Was ‘Stupid’

Kathryn Watson

Kathryn Watson, a White House reporter for CBS News, responded to an article from Breitbart News which highlighted her tweets saying she keeps several copies of her coronavirus vaccination card in “multiple locations” at all times because she is “paranoid.”

“lololol, imagine having nothing better to write about than a stupid tweet I wrote about keeping multiple photos of my vaccine card,” Watson wrote in a new tweet, attaching a screenshot of the original Breitbart News article. “This is hilarious.”

“Good pic choice tho,” added Watson.

Watson’s original tweet was shared on Thursday. “I now have images/data of my vax card stored with my doctor’s office, health insurance, and at least one other database, and I’ve stored pictures of my card in multiple locations because I’m paranoid,” Watson wrote.

Responding to another user, who replied to her initial tweet and suggested that she laminate the card and put it on a lanyard, Watson replied, “Oh I did that immediately.”

A former White House communications official who had the unenviable task of answering her press requests said:

Ms. Watson is the most unserious reporter in the White House, and that’s saying something. When she’s not fantasizing about implementing fascist mandates and obsessing over Cheez-Its and candy corn, she can be found simply re-writing others’ breaking stories.

“I cannot think of one significant story she has broken in the last few years,” the former official added. “Sad!”

As previously reported by Breitbart News, last month, Watson floated total vaccine segregation as a viable option in response to mounting complaints about restrictions the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has imposed on the cruise industry, which requires that nearly everyone aboard be vaccinated.

“Easy, one boat for vaccinated people, another for unvaccinated people,” Watson wrote in response to a Bloomberg article that discussed how the cruise industry would juggle having both vaccinated and unvaccinated guests.

“Half joking but also half not,” Watson added.

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