Kinzinger Invokes Flight 93 to Encourage ‘Republicans to Stand Up’ Against Trump

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) said Wednesday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that Republicans should stand up to Donald Trump and fight like Todd Beamer and the other passengers did on 9/11 during the highjacking of Flight 93, which crashed in a Pennsylvania field instead of the U.S. Capitol.

Blitzer said, “Congresswoman Cheney also accused House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy of disrupting your investigation, the select committee’s investigation, do you agree?”

Kinzinger said, “We had an opportunity for a nonpartisan commission made up of former members, so you take the politics out of it, then he had an opportunity to seat Republicans, and he pulled them, so I certainly wouldn’t say that is cooperating. I think if they’re whipping against, as I’ve heard, they are, against this vote for contempt. Yes.”

He continued, “Look, the day after the insurrection, Kevin McCarthy said that Donald Trump holds the responsibility for this. Two weeks later, he went down and resurrected his political life when he met with him in Mar-a-Lago. Since then, he’s been doing nothing but Donald Trump’s bidding and bringing him back to political life.”

Kinzinger added, “Look. People have to stand up and say this is wrong. We’ve got to – if you think about heroics on Flight 93 that saved the Capital in 2001, it wasn’t Todd Beamer alone. It was everybody standing up and saying we’ve had enough. We’re going to sacrifice ourselves to do this. Right now, we need more Republicans to stand up and lead your people. Lead your people. Tell them the truth. You know the truth. Tell them the truth.”

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