CA High School Football Player Moves Across Country After State Shuts Down Sport During COVID

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” high school football player Lucas Lenhoff told the story of moving across the country to pursue his football dreams in the face of California’s COVID restrictions.

Anchor Steve Doocy said, “Since the pandemic began, we’ve told you about the massive impact of heavy COVID restrictions, but for one high school quarterback in California, they were getting in the way of his dreams. When California shutdown football last year, said they weren’t going to play it, Lucas Lenhoff moved to North Carolina so he could get back on the field in front of college recruiters.”

He asked, “So Lucas, you heard over a year ago, no football in California, you wanted to play, this is your senior year, were you looking at the whole country, or why did you focus in on North Carolina?”

Lenhoff said, “So it was actually going into my junior year. The junior year is a big year for the recruiting process and, you know, getting your name out there to a bunch of schools. I was looking for a season in the second semester, and Charlotte was one of the places that hadn’t played yet. I thought it be a great move. So, my family, I believed in the game of playing college football and expanding on what I was doing, so I moved out to Charlotte, North Carolina.”

He added, “Honestly, right now, I’m just looking for an opportunity to go play football at a big level. I’d honestly like to go anywhere. I can just go play the next level and go play NFL and put my name out there. Whatever coach believes in me and gives me the opportunity, I’ll be more than thankful.”

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