Florida Launches Initiative to Fight Coronavirus with Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Yoga instructor Sarah Henry leads a class during a paddleboard yoga session at Adventure S
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Florida this week launched a new initiative designed to promote healthy lifestyles as a strategy to overcome the coronavirus pandemic, urging people to focus on exercise and activity, nutrition, and early treatment for COVID-19. 

We’ve launched a new initiative! #HealthierYou is a one-stop shop to promote your best & healthy lifestyle,” the Florida Department of Health announced Wednesday, describing it as a resource for Floridians to “get active, go outside, improve nutrition, or learn more about COVID-19″:

“Protecting your health is a lifelong journey,” Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo said in a video promoting the initiative. “We’ve always protected Floridians through innovative solutions. COVID-19 is no exception.”

The video shows a number of people talking about the importance of early and “emerging” treatments for the coronavirus, including monoclonal antibodies, fluvoxamine, and inhaled budesonide.

Ladapo also urges people to maintain a healthy immune system, with the graphic promoting exercise and activity, nutrition, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, and vaccination:

The overarching initiative follows remarks from critics of current coronavirus messaging across the nation, who contend it is equally important to focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in the face of the virus.

“From staying active to learning new recipes and boosting your nutritional intake, the Florida Department of Health works to educate Floridians on ways to improve habits and overall health,” the resource states.

“This is a resource for Floridians of all ages to get active, go outside, improve nutrition, including vitamin D intake, or learn about COVID-19,” it adds.


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