Gabbard: Washington, Power Elite Controlling Narrative on Biden Family Dealings

Thursday on FNC’s “Hannity,” former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) ripped the media and Big Tech for working to stymy coverage and exposure that would lend legitimacy to allegations of impropriety in the business dealings of President Joe Biden’s family.

She said these so-called “elite” controlled the Biden family business dealings narrative.

“Well, Sean, you know, the Biden family corruption issue is a very, very serious problem,” she said. “I think as you point to all of these examples, it points to actually an even deeper, more serious problem that that poses an existential threat to our democracy. And that problem lies in the fact that you have the mainstream media, you have social media, you have Google, which is much bigger and more powerful than social media, and you have the security state. As you saw with these 51 senior-level intelligence officials all working as the arm and mouthpiece for the Washington elite, the power elite.”

“This is not a real functioning democracy,” Gabbard continued. “We see dictatorships that also have elections, but they have almost total control over their media, and it makes it virtually impossible for any opposition candidate to challenge and win. And so when we look at what we’re facing here, it’s not so different. They decide, okay, Biden’s the guy that we want to win. Here’s the information that we want voters to see. We’re going to shove away and hide any information we don’t want them to see, and then we as voters have to make our decision about who we’re going to vote for or not vote for based on what is essentially propaganda coming from those in power — this Washington elite, this power elite.”

“And that is what poses this existential threat to our democracy that we all need to be very clear-eyed that we’re dealing with here,” she added.

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