President Joe Biden is underwater in 48 states — including the typically dark blue California and his home state of Delaware — while his approval rating is down to the lowest in his presidency, at only 30 percent approval and 58 percent disapproval, according to the most recent CIVIQS rolling job-approval average on July 3.

While twelve percent of survey participants do not approve or disapprove, Biden’s approval rating is underwater in 48 states. The only two exceptions are Hawaii (45 to 42 percent) and Vermont (44 to 38 percent). The president’s net approval is at negative 28.

Biden’s approval rating by state:

In addition to being underwater in 48 states, Biden’s 30 percent approval rating from Saturday marks his worst approval since becoming president. On Monday, the record-low approval was met by his highest disapproval at 58 percent.

Biden has been plagued with lousy job approval numbers and continuous failures during his time in office.

His job approval was at 31 percent on Friday, down from 32 percent and 33 percent in June and 34 percent in May. Similarly, nearly one month ago, Quinnipiac polling on June 8 also found Biden’s job approval rating at 33 percent.

The president is also underwater with independent respondents, which make up an increasingly influential voter bloc, especially in recent years. Only 18 percent of independent respondents say they approve of Biden, while 68 percent disapprove, with 13 percent having no opinion.

Biden’s low job approval numbers have been exacerbated by many crises during his roughly 18 months in office.

During his presidency, the country has seen a supply chain crisis, record-high inflation, a baby formula shortage, and the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

Additionally, his marquee legislative proposal, the $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act (BBB), has been dead in the water for some time. The country also recently saw a slew of record-high gas prices last month, with the average gas price reaching above $5.00 per gallon.

The CIVIQS rolling job approval average had 220,951 responses tracked between January 20 and July 3. The CIVIQS tracking model captures the shifts in attitude of various groups over time across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. These changes can happen either rapidly or over time.

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