Joe Biden Struggles with Sport Coat, Drops Aviators During Kentucky Trip


President Joe Biden was noticeably disoriented Monday as he struggled to put his sport coat back on during a visit to Kentucky.

During the trip back to Washington DC, the president traveled aboard Marine One and exited the helicopter at the Lexington airport wearing a mask and his aviator sunglasses.

The president paused after exiting to put his sports coat back on but fumbled for several seconds as he tried to get his arms into the sleeves.

He finally turned to First Lady Jill Biden for assistance after his arms got tangled.

The president, still wearing his mask, finally adjusted his coat successfully but then his aviator sunglasses fell off of his face, prompting him to stoop and pick them back up.

He then removed his mask as he approached Air Force One and walked over to speak with reporters.

“Are you hot enough?” he asked reporters as he approached.

The president, recently recovering from coronavirus, also coughed loosely as he spoke and answered a few questions about his trip.


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