Report: Liz Cheney Rakes in Nearly $1M from Texas Establishment, Including George Bush, Karl Rove

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Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has raked in nearly $1 million from Texas donors, including former President George W. Bush and so-called “architect” Karl Rove, the Huston Chronicle reported Monday.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Cheney has raised $950,000 from Texas, the second greatest contributing state to her reelection campaign. Texas is home to the Bush family political apparatus, which includes Bush’s former political wingman Karl Rove.

Cheney’s $950,000 haul from Texas is compared to the $1.4 million Californians donated.

Cheney has only raised about $386,000 from Wyoming donors, far short of Trump-endorsed Harriet Hageman’s in-state donations.

Hageman has raised $940,000 from Wyoming donors and $150,000 from Texas donors. In total, Hageman has raised about $4.5 million. Cheney has outraised Hageman by more than a 3/1 ratio ($15 million).

But the polling favors Hageman. Polling shows Hageman is leading Cheney by 57 points among likely Republican voters. Polling that includes independents and Democrats additionally shows Hageman leading Cheney by huge margins of 30 points28 points, and 22 points.

PredictIt’s betting markets on Monday show Hageman’s odds of winning Tuesday’s primary are valued at 97 cents. Cheney’s chances of retaining her seat are valued at four cents.

Last week, Cheney admitted she could lose Tuesday’s election. “If the cost of standing up for the Constitution is losing the House seat, then that’s a price I’m willing to pay,” she told the New York Times in an interview.

The establishment media has tried to put a positive spin on Cheney’s likely loss and have begun to build her up as a potential opponent of former President Donald Trump in 2024.

Cheney was “excommunicated” by the Wyoming Republican Party in November after being ousted in May of 2021 by a vote of no confidence from the number three position within the House Republican caucus. Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and former Wyoming Rep. Barbara Cubin have since endorsed Hageman.

“Liz Cheney has lost Wyoming. Liz Cheney doesn’t live in Wyoming. She doesn’t represent us,” Hageman told Breitbart News. “She doesn’t represent our values.”

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