Scarborough: 38%-39% of GOP Electorate ‘Want to Throw Away American Democracy’

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Wednesday accused a large portion of the GOP of wanting “to replace the U.S. government” and “throw away American democracy.”

After noting “mainstream” conservatives were talking about “having to stomp out the FBI tyranny,” Scarborough called into question why almost 40% of the GOP electorate supported replacing the government “because a moderate from Delaware won a presidential election.”

“I will say, though, collectively, we’ve done a hell of a job as a country,” Scarborough outlined. “And Republicans have helped on Ukraine. You look at the legislation we passed — we’ve done a hell of a job in passing bipartisan legislation. This Reconciliation Act was passed with all Democrats. But still, you look at the legislative achievements. You look at how we’ve come together as a country around Ukraine. You look at the fact the United States is once again leading the way in protecting democracy in Europe.”

“By these metrics, the United States is functioning better than they have in quite some time. But there is, I’ll say it, a rump of the Republican Party which is … the dominant force in Republican primaries, but it’s about 38, 39% of the electorate that want to replace the U.S. government [and] that want to throw away American democracy,” he concluded.

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