Poll: Half Give Biden a ‘Poor’ Rating on Handling Illegal immigration, Consider It an ‘Important’ Midterm Issue

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Voters do not have a high opinion of President Joe Biden’s handling of illegal immigration, as half alone say he has done a “poor” job, a Rasmussen Reports survey released Tuesday found.

The survey asked respondents, “How do you rate the way President Biden is handling issues related to immigration?”

A majority, 67 percent, rate Biden’s handling as either “fair” or “poor,” and of those, 50 percent say “poor.” Just 18 percent say Biden has done a “good” job, and even fewer, 11 percent, say “excellent.”

Most Republicans and independents, 81 percent and 53 percent, respectively, agree that Biden has done a “poor” job handling illegal immigration. 

Further, most, 54 percent, say illegal immigration is getting “worse” in the U.S. — a sentiment held by 83 percent of Republicans, 54 percent of independents, and 26 percent of Democrats.

This could spell trouble for Democrats as the midterm elections approach, as 73 percent identified immigration as an important issue in the midterm elections. Of those, 45 percent said it is “very” important. A majority across party lines also agree it will be an important issue as well:

Among voters who rate Biden as doing an excellent job of handling issues related to immigration, 54% think the problem of illegal immigration is getting better. By contrast, among voters who rate Biden’s handling of immigration as poor, 93% believe the illegal immigration problem is getting worse.

The 2022 midterm elections are now just 10 weeks away, and Republicans still have a five-point lead in their bid to recapture control of Congress.

The issues most important to American voters haven’t changed all year, as inflation and violent crime remain atop the list.

The survey was taken August 25 and 28, 2022, among 1,000 likely voters and has a +/- 2 percent margin of error. It coincides with a recent National Public Radio (NPR) poll which found 54 percent agreeing that Biden’s border crisis is an “invasion.” 

As Breitbart News reported, nearly five million illegal immigrants have crossed the U.S. border since Biden has taken office. 


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