Loudoun County Voters Fire Soros Prosecutor Buta Biberaj, Elect Republican Bob Anderson

Hungarian-born US investor and philanthropist George Soros receives the Schumpeter …

LEESBURG, VA – Voters in Loudoun County, Virginia, ousted Soros prosecutor Buta Biberaj, replacing her with Republican Bob Anderson as county attorney of the closely watched county.

George Soros has wreaked havoc nationwide by funneling enormous sums of his vast wealth into lower-profile public offices with an outsized impact on the direction of the nation. Almost 20 years ago he started his SOS Project, focusing on electing leftwing secretaries of state because they are chief elections officers of their respective states, resulting in major reinterpretations of elections laws. This accelerated a leftward shift in voting laws that would result in pushing ballot harvesting, automatic voter registration, same-day registration, forbidding voter ID and blocking other election integrity measures.

In the past few years, his network has shifted to county prosecutors, resulting in repeated outrages in leftwing enclaves like New York City (Alvin Bragg) and Los Angeles (George Gascon). They have also been a major focus in the Virginia counties surrounding Washington DC, like Arlington (Parisa Dehghanti-Tafti) and Fairfax (Steve Descano).

But all those jurisdictions are solidly blue. Just past Fairfax to the north and west is Loudoun County. More than a decade ago it was ruby red (as was Fairfax not many years prior to that), but now it is clearly purple – and gets outsized media attention, as it appears to be both a microcosm of the fight for Virginia but also a flashpoint for battling over parental rights and schools, especially on issues like Critical Race Theory and transgender issues involving sports and student safety.

Nowhere is this seen more clearly that in the top two law enforcement positions in the county. The sheriff is Mike Chapman, a 46-year law enforcement professional who is a conservative Republican, managing a department with over 800 officers. But the district attorney – called the “commonwealth attorney” in Virginia – is Biberaj, a leftwing fanatic with a list of crimes she refused to prosecute, who had received almost $1 million in campaign cash from Soros’s network.

The ties to the militantly ultra-left billionaire were so clear that Jason Miyares – Virginia’s dynamic Republican attorney general – challenged Soros to meet with the victims of crime in Virginia left unprotected by the prosecutors that Soros was installing. County prosecutor races are low-turnout and low-budget, so contributions that are the better part of a million dollars easily overwhelm those races.


Jason Miyares with inset of George Soros

But it was not enough to save Biberaj from the wrath of voters in this D.C .exurb, even though Biberaj had a total of $1.1 million this year and her Republican challenger, Bob Anderson, had only $70,000. Despite a 15:1 cash advantage and all the benefits of incumbency, Anderson edged out the radical Biberaj, 68,068 to 67,768 – a margin of 300 votes.

Polling shows Republicans continue to hold massive advantages over Democrats on issues of law and order, border security, and public safety.

Breitbart News senior legal contributor Ken Klukowski is a lawyer who served in the White House and Justice Department. Follow him on X (formerly Twitter) @kenklukowski.


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