In the Line of Fire: How a Former Secret Service Agent Was Targeted by the Woke Mob and Found Her Defense

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Exercising our First Amendment rights has never been more dangerous—or more important.

Every day, in cities and towns across the country, conservative Americans—average, ordinary people who just want to take care of their families, earn a living, and contribute to their communities—are under attack by left-wing bullies for simply living out their conservative values. Those bullies are intent on destroying anyone who disagrees with them. Even the slightest difference of opinions can set off a series of unfortunate events.

In response, thoughtful conservatives are turning to Patriot Defender, the first and only legal defense membership program specifically for Patriots.

legal defense to protect your rights, freedoms, reputation, and way of life

If the left came after you, could you fight back?

We can become targets of left-wing zealots when we least expect it and everyone can be vulnerable. When Janet Roberson, a retired U.S. Secret Service Agent, spoke at her local school board meeting where she thoughtfully and calmly presented concerns based on independent research concerning the new sex-ed program being taught in the district, she had no idea what was waiting for her. Roberson is a force of a woman who is used to protecting this country and herself. She thought the result of her comments would be a civil exchange of ideas on an important curriculum issue. Even with decades of training and practice she was unable to defend herself from the new type of attack that is becoming commonplace.

“I thought my First Amendments rights were guaranteed, they were clearly not. My world was turned upside down by a woke mob. I am so glad I am now a member of Patriot Defender. They give me the resources to stave off any coming attacks on my reputation, income, and livelihood,” said Roberson.

Janet Roberson (left) during her bi-partisan U.S. Secret Service career

Instead of civil discourse, she became the target of a well-organized, fast-paced campaign of lies and distortions designed to ruin her reputation, destroy her livelihood, and even put her safety and the safety of her family at risk.

In an era where labels can be crushing this U.S. Secret Service veteran was labeled homophobic, racist, and a bigot. The news of Roberson’s speech at the school board meeting spread like wildfire, truth was forgotten in-lieu of the liberal agenda, and Roberson became a target. The progressive Democrats put immense pressure on the corporate leadership of Roberson’s new post-retirement career, and she was shortly terminated.

Now unemployed, labeled, and the center of a liberal circus, Roberson was officially shunned by her community. For what you may ask? For thoughtfully and calmly standing up for her beliefs.

“We designed Patriot Defender for people like Janet. Stories like Janet’s are becoming all too common in a hyper-polarized, tribal society. Patriot Defender stands up for people like Janet with legal support when they need it most,” said Ross Thompson, co-founder of Patriot Defender. “When we stand up, left-wing bullies back down.”

What happened to Janet is not unique. Good people who simply want to express their conservative beliefs should not need legal protection, but unfortunately, they do. Patriot Defender stands as a shield between them and the attackers who want to destroy them.

“The left-wing bullies are not satisfied with shutting you up, they want to ruin your life because you dared to speak,” said Thompson. “And they’ve been doing it with impunity because they’re attacking average people who rarely have the resources to mount a defense—until now.”

Protecting people like Janet Roberson—and you—is the driving mission of Patriot Defender.

Bullies are using the law where they know that people do not understand it and, more than likely, do not have the resources to engage in an expensive legal battle to protect themselves. Hiring a lawyer is expensive, a prolonged case is expensive, and it is much easier to simply give up. Bullies know this and they look for easy targets—the decent individual who doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on legal fees and doesn’t even know whom to call.

Could you go up against a mob that’s determined to destroy you? Do you have the connections and the resources to stand up to a group of bullies who will not be held accountable for the damage they inflict? Patriot Defender is here for you.

“The left has figured out that the process is the punishment,” Thompson said. “Once you’re in their crosshairs, you can be one hundred percent in the right, but it can still cost you hundreds of thousands in legal fees and years of your life to fight back. If you’ve lost your job, your reputation, and even your community, being right is a small consolation. We step in at the start, at no cost to our members. Our team of skilled attorneys and negotiators are often able to tone things down and put a stop to the attacks before they get out of control.”

What sets Patriot Defender apart is that its membership includes protections for: First Amendment, Open and Concealed Carry Self-Defense, Home Protection and Defense, IRS Audits, and more.

Brave conservatives must stand up to the tyrannical tactics of left-wing bullies. Learn more about protecting yourself and your family with Patriot Defender.


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