The SFA Fund Inc., a pro-Nikki Haley super PAC, has been courting South Carolina Democrats who did not vote in the party’s February 3 primary to vote for her in the matchup against former President Donald Trump.

Obtained by NBC News, the new mailer from the super PAC read:

If you did not vote in the February 3rd Democratic primary, you are eligible to vote on February 24th.

Your vote can make a difference. Please participate by voting for Nikki Haley and make your voice heard.

The other side of the mailer likewise read, “Time is running out. You have a choice. Vote for Nikki Haley against Donald Trump.”

A South Carolina man who identifies as a Democrat received the mailer, and since the state does not have party registration, a voter can participate in whichever primary they choose but can only do it once. Democrats in the state who already voted in the primary would be ineligible to vote for Haley.

“Just over 130,000 voters participated in the Democratic primary, relatively low turnout that leaves plenty of voters on the table for Saturday’s GOP primary,” noted NBC News.

“Haley is looking to boost Democratic and independent turnout to cut into Trump’s big lead in almost all public polling, which shows her trailing Trump significantly in the Palmetto State, where Haley once served as governor,” it added.

Alex Stroman, a former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, said Haley needs to get every voter possible to seal the victory against Trump

“Haley should absolutely look to turn out every voter possible in the primary, and with the democratic Presidential Primary being held three weeks prior, there should be ample time to identify those who did not vote in the primary and encourage them to vote in the Republican Primary,” he said.

Various polls have indicated that Haley will likely lose her race to Donald Trump in South Carolina.

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