Trump: Documents Case Is Nothing But an ‘Election Interference Scam’

Donald Trump and Jack Smith
KENA BETANCUR/AFP, Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday called Special Counsel Jack Smith’s documents case an “Election Interference Scam” after he recently admitted in a recent filing the FBI messed with boxes of documents seized from Mar-a-Lago.

“It has always been very clear that the ‘Documents Case’ is nothing but an Election Interference Scam concocted by Crooked Joe Biden, Deranged Jack Smith, and their Hacks and Thugs,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

Smith in a May 3rd filing admitted the boxes of documents seized from Mar-a-Lago and submitted as evidence were not in the same condition as they were found. Smith also admitted that it was contrary to what he had told the court earlier.

Trump said after that revelation Smith and his team “committed blatant evidence tampering by mishandling the very boxes they used as a pretext to bring this fake case,” adding: “This deeply illegal action by this politicized prosecutor mandates that this whole witch hunt be dropped immediately.”

“[T]hey let Biden out of his boxes examination, documents, whatever you want to call it, they let him out with no problem, he can go. He had 10 times the boxes. He had a lot of classified information. They let him out, but they continue to go after Donald Trump. But I think it’s going to end very well,” he added.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley also noted that the FBI had staged the “famous photos of documents strewn over a floor with classified jackets.”

Timothy Parlatore, former Trump lawyer and founder and managing partner at Parlatore Law Group, told Just the News that the documents case has been “hopelessly infected by prosecutorial misconduct,” which could be grounds for dismissal.

“I think it really does kind of paint the picture that, regardless of the underlying merits of the documents, this is a case that was badly handled from the beginning and there has to be some accountability for DOJ when they do engage in this kind of behavior,” he said.

Judge Aileen Cannon earlier this week postponed the documents trial indefinitely, citing the large number of outstanding issues related to classified evidence in the case, dealing a massive blow to Democrats and Trump haters who hoped a trial would begin before the election.

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