Biden Campaign Attacks Trump in Mother’s Day Ad

Donald Trump and Joe Biden
Scott Olson, Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump’s team blasted the Joe Biden campaign for releasing a Mother’s Day attack ad.

On Sunday, the Biden campaign released an ad attacking the former president by asking the American people to “do the moms in their lives a favor” and vote against Trump come November.

“Happy Mother’s Day. At the Biden campaign, we are asking Americans to do the moms in their lives a favor. Stop Trump,” said the press release.

“Families depend on moms – and moms deserve a President they can depend on to protect their rights, work to lower their costs, and fight for them. Donald Trump wasn’t and isn’t that President, but Joe Biden is,” it added.

In the video, the campaign says, “On Mother’s Day, a reminder: Donald Trump stands only for himself and not mothers across America and their families.”

“The stakes of this election are high for all Americans, but especially moms across our country who will suffer under a second Trump term,” the video states.

“Under Trump, the government will be allowed to monitor their pregnancies and rip their families apart. Meanwhile, President Biden is fighting to bring back his historic expanded Child Tax Credit to give families a little extra breathing room and ensure paid leave for all Americans,” it continues.

The Biden campaign then claims that former President Trump would seek to deny women fertility treatments, allow states to monitor women’s pregnancies, punish women for getting abortions, and separate mothers from their children.

The Trump campaign called the ad “miserable” and “cowardly” in a statement to Fox News.

“What a sad, miserable, cowardly existence Crooked Joe Biden and his campaign must have to make such a disgusting ad on such a joyous day. Their lives are obviously filled with anger, hate, and resentment because they clearly suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Trump’s team told Fox News Digital. “President Trump continues to live rent-free in their pea-sized brains, even on Mother’s Day.”

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