Republicans are “absolutely” advocating to challenge President Joe Biden’s use of executive privilege to block the release of the audio recording of his interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur, Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND), a House Judiciary Committee member, said during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday.

Armstrong explained that the full House would consider holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt, but the question is: Can Congress run out the clock before the presidential election? When asked if there is a legal challenge to Biden’s use of executive privilege to hide the audio recording, the congressman explained that there is “actually precedent that says once you have released information to the media, executive privilege is waived.”

“So, I think you and I agree there is no valid executive privilege claim here. But, regardless of that, I don’t think that question is really the answerable question. The question is: once he waived it, once he released it to the media, he waived the privilege. But I think, no matter what happens on the time clock — I mean, you and I know that…the court system doesn’t move as fast…it’s only Democrats that think that the court system should care about what day the election is, but I think it’s really important, no matter what happens — that we maintain the House and move forward on this,” he said, explaining that this is “hugely impactful and important…not only for this election.”


Breitbart · Rep. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) – May 18, 2024

In other words, even if Congress cannot obtain the audio before the election, Armstrong believes it should continue to push the issue.

When asked if there is going to be a challenge in court, Armstrong said, “I know for a fact that my chairman, Jim Jordan, and his member, Kelly Armstrong, are going to be advocating absolutely that we…pursue this as aggressively in court — if that’s where we have to go — as possible.”

Reps. Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

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