Hunter Biden’s Baby Mama Lunden Roberts: Joe and Jill Still Haven’t Reached Out to Meet Granddaughter

(INSET: Lunden Roberts and daughter Navy Joan) US President Joe Biden exits the White Hous
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Ex-stripper and Hunter Biden’s ex-lover Lunden Roberts told Piers Morgan in an interview on Thursday that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden have yet to meet their five-year-old granddaughter.

Roberts, 33, who has a forthcoming book, told Morgan that she had suicidal thoughts after learning she was pregnant with Hunter Biden’s child and called her pregnancy “one of the loneliest times” of her life, as their “months-long” relationship ended when she told him she was pregnant.

“I went through some pretty dark times emotionally and mentally during that time,” Roberts said, adding:

I knew that, as long as I was pregnant, I wasn’t going to do anything to myself, because that would harm my child. So I didn’t think I would do anything to myself while I was pregnant. But I would feel that, after the pregnancy, would it be better for my daughter and for Hunter and everyone else if I wasn’t here? Because it seemed like a scandal, and a burden is what I felt like at those times.

She recalled feeling hurt when she read in a 2019 New Yorker profile that Hunter had denied ever having sex with her. “I can remember just reading it and just not having any words,” she said.

Roberts met Biden while she was working as a stripper at the DC gentlemen’s club Mpire with the stage name “Dallas.”

She was put on Hunter’s company’s payroll for nine months, including while he was in a relationship with his late brother’s widow, Hallie, and struggling with a serious addiction to crack.

“He had a demon on his back,” she told Morgan. “He was obviously suffering from addiction during that time. But he had my attention. I was intrigued.”

She said her daughter, Navy, and Hunter have had meetings on “Zoom,” but have not yet met in person, but said Navy is “well aware” her father has a lot going on.

“She’s waited five years. She can wait a couple more months,” she said, about a prospective meeting with her father.


Hunter is currently facing trial for three felony charges related to his not disclosing he was using illegal drugs while purchasing a gun and illegally possessing it for 11 days, until Hallie Biden discovered it and threw it away in a trash can outside of a grocery store.

Roberts said she hopes that Hunter does not go to jail and that President Joe Biden would pardon him if it came to that.

“I feel like Hunter is one of those people that have always had great potential and he’s an amazing person to know,” Roberts said. “I always hoped that that demon and that addiction wouldn’t just pull him down because I saw it had it sank its claws in him. I always hoped that he was getting help.”

Biden at first refused to acknowledge Navy as his daughter, but later settled a child support lawsuit with Roberts. President Biden only acknowledged Navy’s existence publicly for the first time last year.

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