John Leguizamo Buys Full Page New York Times Ad Asking Emmy Voters to Choose ‘Non-White Artists’

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 02: John Leguizamo attends the 2018 Tony Awards Meet The Nominees Press
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Actor John Leguizamo has taken out a full-page ad in the New York Times to urge industry insiders voting for Emmy Awards nominees to vote for “non-white artists” because there isn’t enough “inclusion” in the entertainment industry.

“America is better when it is inclusive,” the Spawn star wrote. “It is more profitable. It is more creative! Let’s not give up. I’m still woke! Are you?”

“Please let this be the year we finally embrace change,” Leguizamo’s ad began. “The year we truly find Equity, and see artists of color represented across not just one category, but ALL categories.”

“I know you’re tired of hearing words like ‘inclusivity’ and ‘diversity’ – treading water while you try to understand how to put actions behind these sentiments. Look no further! It’s simple!” his ad continued.

“There are hundreds of prolific non-white artists who deserve to be considered for Awards this year, not because they are simply… Black, Brown, Indigenous or Asian but because they are truly grear,” he wrote, “exceptional artists who have achieved that greatness with a foot on their neck for far too long.”

“Let this be a start of a new era,” he concluded. “Let us not continue to white wash our Awards shows. Instead let this year be the catalyst that inspires the Next Generation of minority and underrepresented artists… a generation who might finally see a reflection of themselves on that stage and think, ‘If they can, maybe I can too.”

Leguizamo frequently attacks the entertainment industry for not hiring enough Hispanics. Last year, he even blasted the producers of the recent Super Mario Brothers project for not hiring a Hispanic for an Italian role.

In an X post the actor admitted that “everyone is exhausted about inclusion,” but went on to insist, “but not us who are not included,” and claimed that we still haven’t achieved inclusion. So, he feels it necessary to keep fanning the flames of the issue.

“So that’s why I took this ad out in the NYTimes. White peoples are only 58.9% of the population, but overrepresented in top positions across the board. They are the decisionmakers in tech, banking, corporations, medicine and streamers and Hollywood,” Leguizamo exclaimed.

Leguizamo tagged a list of Hollywood actors and personages who would have the right to vote in the upcoming award season, including Whoopi Goldberg, Naomi Watts, Shaquille O’Neal, Missy Elliot and several. others.

He also posted a follow-up post and tagged politicians including Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Rashida Jones, and other Democrats, telling them, “I had to speak out! And I will continue to until we have parity!”

Leguizamo has used his fame to push far-left Democrat policies for years and in May even attacked financially struggling Hispanics for blaming Joe Biden for their economic downturn.

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