Meacham: Joe Biden Has ‘Honorably’ Removed Himself from Hunter’s Trial

Historian Jon Meacham said on Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he believed President Joe Biden has “honorably” removed himself from his son Hunter’s gun charges trail.

Meacham said, “Anyone who is going to vote against President Biden because of his son’s struggles is not what I would call a swing voter, right? It just doesn’t track. I think the more serious thing is that Hunter Biden is the last survivor of that car crash at christmas 1972.”

He added, “I don’t know a family, including my own, not affected by addiction. And the accountability, as you rightly point out, the machinery of accountability, and guess what? The rule of law is applying here. The president of the United States has removed himself from this, explicitly, consistently, honorably, and lets the rule of law unfold. This is what we call practicing what you preach. That’s what President Biden has done. I’m a father, you’re a mother, I mean, just put yourself for a nanosecond in the position of a parent with a child going through what Hunter is going through. I think you would see that it’s difficult, complicated, painful. But as you say, it is remarkable to me that the president continues to press forward and do the work of the American people people, after a life of remarkable personal tragedy. Joe Biden’s life, if you think about biographically, is full of unexpected events, both for the good and for the bad.”

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