The Citadel Rejects Muslim Student’s Request To Wear Hijab

Incoming Citadel freshman on August 19, 2013 in Charleston, South Carolina.
Richard Ellis/Getty Images

The Citadel is rejecting a potential female Muslim student’s request that she be permitted to wear the hijab if she decides to enroll in the military school.

“The standardization of cadets in apparel, overall appearance, actions and privileges is essential to the learning goals and objectives of the college,” said Citadel president Lt. Gen. John Rosa, as reported by Fox Carolina. “This process reflects an initial relinquishing of self during which cadets learn the value of teamwork to function as a single unit.”

Rosa said the American Muslim student who was accepted to the Class of 2020 had asked to wear the hijab with the Citadel’s blue, black and white uniform.

“While we hope the student will enroll in the college this fall, the Commandant of Cadets, after considerable review, determined the uniform exception cannot be granted,” he explained.

Rosa added that the military college, located in South Carolina, values the importance of religious beliefs and assists in providing for the spiritual needs of its students whenever possible.

“Cadet religious officers arrange transportation to churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of worship for those without cars,” he said. “Accommodations for prayer and dietary needs are common at the college.”

As Breitbart News had previously reported, Cadet Nick Pinelli, who recently graduated from the Citadel, posted his concerns to Facebook about the news that school officials were considering the Muslim student’s request.

“This girl should be welcomed to the Corps with open arms, as should any person of any religion, race, gender, or identity,” he wrote. “That’s equality. It’s not equality to let one of those groups follow a different set of rules…”

“Equality means the same set of rules for everyone. Not different rules for different people,” he continued. “It means accepting everyone, and giving them the same tools to succeed as the rest. The inwardly self-contradictory arguments of the Left disagree with this mindset and I truly believe that if those arguments continue to prevail, this country will no longer be what it once was…”


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