Charles Hurt: Sanders Voters Are ‘Totally Ignorant’ Kids Who Just ‘Want Free Crap’

Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images
Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

Drudge Report editor and Washington Times columnist Charles Hurt appeared on Breitbart News Daily to talk about what SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon described as “the most unreported story in political history”: Bernie Sanders’ string of victories over presumptive front-runner Hillary Clinton, weeks after the media and Democrat Party establishment essentially declared the race over.

“It really is incredible, and I think that what it says so much about is what has happened to the Democratic electorate,” said Hurt.  “We know that all of the immigration policies that the Democrats have espoused, and a lot of Republicans are espousing as well, are designed to change the electorate — because of course, Democrats can’t get any of their policies through in a normal American electorate.  So they’re trying to change it… but what maybe we should step back and wonder is, maybe it’s already been changed.”

As evidence of that change, Hurt observed we have “an avowed socialist” doing well in the Democrat primary, because “universities all across America who do not teach what socialism is – they really don’t teach anything, they certainly don’t teach anything about what America stands for, and the American founding.”

He noted that when Clinton recently attacked Sanders for “not really being a Democrat,” she “didn’t say anything about him being a socialist” — perhaps because “she’s afraid that if she says anything about him being a socialist, it’s only going to help him further.”

“Of course, it probably would, among those voters,” Hurt continued.  “The Founders envisioned all sorts of things.  The one thing that it all depended on, the whole game depended upon, was that you would have a moderately educated electorate.  That’s why, on Thomas Jefferson’s tombstone, it has ‘President, Governor of Virginia, and Founder of the University of Virginia.’  The one sort of big state thing they all believed in, or the majority of them believed in, that is that people be educated.”  

“No one, no one is educating young people today,” he lamented.  “They’re coming out of school, they’re stupid, they don’t know anything, they’re seeking their ‘safe spaces,’ all this stuff.”

Hurt knows these are strong words for the younger generation. Indeed, as he acknowledged with a rueful laugh, it’s exactly the kind of criticism that makes them run for their “safe spaces” and demand the critic’s exile from campus.  He found the degeneration of left-wing intellectual life “sad,” and said Democrat leaders of an earlier time, like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, would be “disgusted at what the Democrat Party has become today.”

“He believed in work.  He didn’t believe in giving people stuff for nothing,” Hurt said of FDR, arguing that the modern Democrats’ “Children’s Crusade For Free Stuff” (as Bannon put it) was the root of all the party’s problems.

“Kids come out of college – again, totally ignorant, they don’t know anything, they don’t know that they don’t know anything – and all they want is free crap,” said Hurt.

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