Frank Gaffney: Opposition to Islamic Supremacy ‘Can No Longer Be Said, Written, or Videoed According to E.U. Rules’


Frank Gaffney, founder of the Center for Security Policy, joined Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday to discuss efforts to control social media and the online flow of information with “hate speech” laws.

Asked whether the danger of abusing such laws, and like-minded internal policies by social media companies, might be averted after Facebook employees admitting they suppressed conservative news sources, Gaffney replied that on the contrary, “we ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“What we’re looking at is the imposition, on American users, of a couple of giant monopolies. Facebook is one, Twitter is another. YouTube, I guess, is a third. Microsoft, various information technologies are apparently going to be subjected to this as well,” he said. “These are folks who will control the flow of information, for tens if not hundreds of millions of Americans, in a way that will now be subordinated to what the European Union calls, quote, ‘illegal hate speech rules’ unquote.”

Gaffney observed that these “highly restrictive” laws are justified by the need to keep extremists like the Islamic State and al-Qaeda from using the Internet to distribute their propaganda and attract recruits.

“But, in practice, what I’m quite certain we’ll see – and our friends here in the U.K. have been witnessing this first-hand – is, in fact, the obligation of those of us who are warning about sharia, warning about the global jihad movement, warning about the hijra, this immigration and colonization agenda – all of which is deemed to be offensive to Islamists, or Islamic supremacists. That can no longer be said, that can no longer be written, that can no longer be videoed, according to the EU rules,” he warned.

“I think it’s gonna be a shock to Americans to discover how our freedom of speech is now being dictated and subordinated to the terms of the EU,” Gaffney added.

Bannon saluted Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy for their early awareness of the Gulenist movement, an Islamic supremacy group originating from Turkey, which has been engaged in a long-running feud with the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As Bannon succinctly observed, the Turkish government is “no day at the beach” either.

“The Turkish government is kind of like one Mafia family operation. The Gulen movement of Fethullah Gulen, this cult leader out of an armed camp in the Poconos, in Pennsylvania, is another Mafia leader,” Gaffney agreed.

And they’re having a fight in Turkey over which Islamist will be the dominant force. But it has implications now quite far beyond, because with the Clinton Administration’s decision – and you’ve been all over Clinton cronyism and corruption, I suspect there’s some of that at work here, too – this guy has established a multi-million dollar empire of businesses of various kinds,media operations, construction, and so on.

Gaffney added that the Gulen empire includes schools, “not just in Turkey and around the world, but here.”

“There’s some 46, I think at the last count, in Texas alone, Harmony schools,” he explained.

What’s been the most important development, just in the last couple of days, is the Turkish government has formally declared the Gulen movement a terrorist organization. Now, I think it’s a civilization jihadist operation, more than a terrorist one, but that’s a precursor to terrorism, I’m afraid. In our schools, it is a vehicle for proselytizing, recruitment, indoctrination. It doesn’t actually come out and say it in Islamic supremacist terminology, so much as Turkish supremacist terminology – but it’s one and the same, I’m afraid, under these guys.

Gaffney offered listeners a free download of the Center for Security Policy’s book on the Gulenists, Gulen and the Gulen Movement: Turkey’s Islamic Supremacist Cult and Its Contributions to the Civilization Jihad, also available in paperback and ebook formats.

He further recommended a new film by Mark Hall called Killing Ed: Charter Schools, Corruption, and the Gulen Movement in America as a companion to the Center’s book.

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