Breitbart News Daily Callers Celebrate Brexit, Credit Breitbart’s Coverage ‘for Bringing Us the Truth’


On the morning after the United Kingdom’s historic Brexit vote declaring independence from the European Union, Breitbart News Daily’s American listeners called into the SiriusXM show to express their solidarity with the people of Great Britain and their hopes for what this portends for America’s populist movement in the November election.

Callers offered jubilant congratulations to the United Kingdom on their “Independence Day” from the bureaucratic elites of the European Union. Credit was given to U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage for propelling the Leave movement forward and to Breitbart News for covering the issues that drove U.K. voters to choose  to exit the EU.

“Now I hope that we both go for a loosening the ties that bind us down to both our central governments,” one caller said in reference to the United States and the U.K.

Sarah in Georgia said she was “weeping with joy all morning long” over the Brexit vote.

Jim in Illinois called the Leave vote a massive loss for globalist government moneyman George Soros. Breitbart News’ Chriss Street reported on the hit to pro-EU Soros and the movement that could see similar referendums in other EU member countries. Illinois Jim concluded, “Thank God for England.”

Jeff in Georgia called Brexit a “shot across the bow” at globalists like Soros.

Joe in Texas expressed that he sees a parallel in America right now. On the vote to leave he said, “it blesses my heart to see what they did.”

Steve in Virginia saw it as a victory for Donald Trump because it signals a movement toward the U.S. electing Trump over presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton. Rich in Michigan said “Trump needs to keep pounding this.”

Ron in Michigan said, “I just wanted to congratulate Breitbart. You guys are phenomenal. I was remembering how they talked about Michael Jordan playing basketball for 20 years and then becoming an overnight success, and that’s what Breitbart’s doing. They’ve been doing the same thing for all these years, and they’re finally getting what they deserve. So I’m really proud of you guys. Keep up the good work.”

Another caller from Michigan compared the Brexit referendum to a “snowball” effect and said, “I’m crediting Breitbart with a lot of the fact that it’s getting the push to get going.”

Tim in Ohio also applauded Breitbart’s extensive media coverage of the Brexit vote. He explained that his wife isn’t very politically involved, but “she’s been paying attention since I’ve been talking to her about Breitbart, and I actually just a few minutes ago yelled up the stairs here, ‘Hey, honey did you hear what happened in Great Britain?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, I was on Breitbart, and I saw that they left.’” He said that Breitbart has gotten his wife engaged and believes that “the tide’s turning. I think you guys are really helping with that a lot.” He said that it’s evidenced by the fact that “other media outlets are talking about you.”

A caller named Richard congratulated the British people and added, “I want to mostly just give a huge shout out and a debt of gratitude to Breitbart for bringing us the truth, because as Andrew said, in your lead in, get the truth out and democracy will happen.”

Frank in Texas congratulated “the British people for taking back their sovereignty.” He jabbed German Chancellor Angela Merkel joking that she “started the knockdown of the New World Order proposed by Bush, the first Bush.”

Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon joked back, “It’s the law of unintended consequences, right? I don’t think Angela Merkel meant to do that, did she?” Frank responded, “I don’t think so.” Merkel overtly invited Syrians en masse to Europe ahead of last New Years’ migrant rape scandal as Breitbart London Editor-In-Chief Raheem Kassam pointed out in a January interview with radio host Sean Hannity. He later referenced those that have indicated Merkel’s decision was made intending to import cheap migrant labor for Germany’s economic gain.

A caller named Arnie noted the condescension from mainstream media outlets like MSNBC when he tuned into them Friday morning to see them “blaming” the vote to leave on “undereducated voters.” Another caller referred to waking up to media reporting that made it sound like the world was ending.

James in Georgia remarked on how even volumes of Labour Party members in the U.K., akin to those in America’s Democrat Party, “voted that they wanted their sovereignty back.” He continued, “They didn’t want 60 percent of their sovereignty to be controlled by people that aren’t elected, and that’s globalism.” He suggested that this means that Democrats will vote for Trump in November.

John in Maryland said, “Thank God for Great Britain because they’ve now laid bare the lie of the crisis that lies over the cliff. The elites said they’re going tube if they vote this way. They voted this way, and the sun came up. And why that’s important to us is that our government has used that same tactic to accumulate power and control over us. You know, whether it’s the GM bailout, whether it’s the fiscal stimulus, whether it’s the fiscal cliff. And now thanks to Great Britain we can say, wait a minute, you said that about them, and it didn’t happen. Why is it going to happen to us? So, thank God for Great Britain.”

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