Muslim American Citizen: ‘I Fear for My Life from These Terrorists’


On the Friday morning edition of Breitbart News Daily following the terror attack in Nice, France, a Muslim caller identified as Sam in Ohio told SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon that he feared for his life from “these terrorists” who adhere to a Wahhabist interpretation of Islam.

Sam explained that he is of Lebanese Muslim descent and came to the United States as a child fleeing the civil war in Lebanon, which spanned from 1975-1990.

“I’d never heard of Sharia law in my life. I mean, I escaped the civil war [in Lebanon],” Sam said. “I was with my family coming from Lebanon to the United States – the best country in the world. You know what – now I fear for my life. I fear for my life – not from Americans, from these terrorists.”

He placed the blame for the radicalization of these Islamic terrorists on Saudi Arabia.

“You know what, our problem is Saudi Arabia,” he said. “That’s what our problem is. That’s who we need to take out. All these terrorists are coming from Saudi Arabia, all over the world and the Middle East, everywhere — these Wahhabists, they’re not Muslims. I don’t know what they are.”

Bannon asked Sam if, as a Muslim, he believed that “the powers that be in Saudi Arabia and their money has relationships with either businesses or leaders or people in the United States and that’s why we haven’t had the release of these 28 pages [from the 9/11 Report detailing Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks], and that’s why we have these madrassas and these Islamic centers that are Sharia-adherent that are really centers for sedition against this country?”

Sam said, “Yes,” adding, “We have to monitor everything. I mean, especially with these people coming from Saudi Arabia – all these kids coming to colleges, you know, we don’t know who they are. We need to check their background. I mean, I don’t know anymore to be honest with you. It’s just getting to be too much.”

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