Paul Sperry: Khzir Khan Is a ‘World-Renowned Expert on Sharia, Not the Constitution’

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New York Post columnist and former Hoover Institution media fellow Paul Sperry appeared on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily with SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon to discuss his column for Breitbart News, “Khizr Khan Believes the Constitution ‘Must Always Be Subordinated to the Sharia.’”

“It turns out that we were conned by Khan,” Perry quipped. “His past Islamic writings reveal his support for sharia, and extreme sharia enforcers, which totally contradicts his support for the Constitution he waved in all our faces at the Democratic convention.”

“Specifically, in a book review I unearthed from the ’80s, Khan praises a Pakistani mullah — of course, Khan is an immigrant from Pakistan — he praises this Pakistani mullah who advocates for the enforcement of barbaric sharia punishments, like floggings, amputations, and beheadings, for those who violate Islamic laws,” Sperry said.

“In another paper he wrote, ‘Defining Sharia Law,’ Khan gratefully cites the notorious Muslim Brotherhood radicals who called for installing Islamic regimes in the West through ‘civilization jihad,’ which is what you’re talking about in terms of the infiltration of this fifth column that the Muslim Brotherhood has built up with their infrastructure in the United States, this terrorist support network too,” Sperry continued.

“If I can just say, it was an absolute mistake, the more we learn about Khan, to assume that the father was just as patriotic as his war-hero son,” he argued. “And Republicans were stupid to create a no-fire zone around him. I mean, this guy is not the champion of the Constitution and Western principles we were told he was. It turns out he’s not an expert on the Constitution, he’s an expert on sharia law, which makes an absolute mockery of the Constitution.”

Bannon noted that some Republicans, even previously dedicated Trump supporters like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, insist that Khan should be given unlimited deference as a Gold Star father.

“I don’t honor anybody higher than Gold Star mothers and fathers, people that have lost their sons and daughters in combat, in defense of their country,” Bannon said. “I haven’t heard any question at all that the son was an absolute hero, in fact walked toward the danger, in protection of his men, and gave his life for his country and his men. His son’s an absolute hero.”

‘However, Chris Christie’s just dead wrong,” Bannon continued. “It doesn’t give you a free shot on goal to say anything.

Sperry agreed, and also supported Bannon’s characterization of Khizr Khan as “one of the biggest proponents in this country of sharia law.”

“He’s got dozens of citations in Islamic law journals, and syllabi, teaching sharia law. He is a world-renowned expert on sharia, not the Constitution,” Sperry said. “He’s a devout Muslim, this is what he believes in. I think you’re right – you have to separate both the son and the mother from the scrutiny, but the father deserves a lot of scrutiny. He’s clearly got an agenda. He’s an angry political activist up there, in a non-stop parade on the cable networks, haranguing and wagging his finger at Trump and all of us, lecturing us.”

“Speaking of the mother, I think it was Monday night, on Don Lemon of CNN, he hectored Trump for having, quote, ‘no respect of women.’ And then last night, on Anderson Cooper, Khan said, wagging that finger at Trump, quote, ‘You have disrespected women.’ Yet, this is the same guy who admires, from his writings — and this goes back to the ’80s – he admires a Pakistani mullah who says it’s the right of men to beat their wives,” Sperry said.

He also mentioned the sharia standards for women to prove charges of sexual assault against men, noting that “she’ll get charged, because she’s not good enough, as a witness” unless she has multiple male witnesses to back up her claims.

“That’s doctrinal,” Sperry noted. “That’s not something anybody is making up. That’s doctrinal. But this is what this Khan evidently believes as well. I mean, he’s praising the guy who blatantly said, you know, this is a right for men to have.”

Bannon pointed out that during his Anderson Cooper interview, Khan claimed, “I do not stand for any sharia law, because there is no such thing.”

Sperry said that was a “howling lie.”

“I mean, you go through all his writings, he clearly goes into great detail about what sharia is, and is a strong proponent of it,” he pointed out.  

“Did he lie on national TV?” Bannon asked.

“It appears that way,” Sperry replied. “The bloom is really coming off the rose here on this guy.”

He further questioned the veracity of some of the claims in Khzir Khan’s bio: “In his background, there’s some serious questions, so I’m digging into that. There’s probably going to be a lot more coming out on this guy, as he continues wagging his finger.”  

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