Sheriff David Clarke on Jailbreak Bill: Democrats Have ‘Always Been Pro-Criminal’; GOP Elites like Paul Ryan ‘in Bed with This Sleazy Movement’

sheriff clarke
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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was strongly critical of President Obama’s decision to issue a record number of pardons to felons, and the sentencing reform bill currently making its way through Congress, during his appearance on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“I don’t understand why the elites in the Republican Party are all about this jailbreak bill,” SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon added. “Are both sides working against the working-class people, and working-class communities, and the middle class?”

“First of all, from the side of the Democrats, they’ve always been pro-criminal,” Clarke replied. “They’ve always had sympathy for the criminal element. They see the criminals as having been wronged somewhere in their life. They blame racism and discrimination for their criminal behavior. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

“As for the GOP that has gotten behind this sentencing reform and criminal justice reform, when I was up on the Hill, helping Senator Tom Cotton and Senator Jeff Sessions push back against it — for the GOP that has gotten in bed with this sleazy movement of pro-criminality, it’s about being viewed by the Left, they think that the Left will like them, if they feign some sensitivity toward one of these causes,” he continued.

“This is being pushed by the Democrats. This is something President Obama truly wants, this criminal justice reform. It’s something he wants in his legacy, and I don’t know why anybody in the GOP would get into bed with the Democrats to give Obama anything else,” Clarke said.

“Obama is the only President in U.S. history that has visited a federal prison,” he observed. “Now, in Wisconsin here this week, we just hosted a camp. It’s called the COPS Camp, Concerns Of Police Survivors. These are kids whose parent has been killed in the line of duty. You think Obama would take time out to visit that camp? Of course not. He’s got to find some political angle to something, and that’s something like this sentencing reform bill.”

Clarke described House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) as a friend, but said “he wants to show that this Congress, this GOP Congress, at least the House, can get something done. So that’s why they’re willing to sacrifice and get in bed with the Democrats on this sentencing reform bill.”

“These people are so disconnected in Congress,” he complained. “What attracted me to Donald Trump, we have to break up this Washington cartel. They are so disconnected from what’s going on down here at ground level, and what we really need. Here’s what we want at ground level: we want safer borders, we want a closed border, we want safer streets, we want jobs. We want them to get this economy going. And what are they focusing on? A pro-criminal bill.”

“This is staggering,” Clarke said. “It’s people like me and others that have said, we’re done with the Washington way, we’re done with these elitists, we’re done with the donor class, we’re done with the Party elites. We want this country back. We have to break up this cartel, and Donald Trump is the only one that tapped into that.”

“Any of those 16 candidates that he beat in the primary could have tapped into that voter anger, and they didn’t, so shame on them,” he declared.

To the NeverTrump movement within the Republican Party, Clarke said, “Don’t take that out on Donald Trump. Take that out on your candidates, for not being able to connect with the American voter.”

Bannon asked if the elites in both parties understand that the real victims of these “jailbreak bills” are the very same minorities they claim to sympathize with.

“The Democrats, first of all, as a party — because there are Democrats that are going to vote for Trump —  have always been pro-criminal,” Clarke replied. “They always go after these lagging groups, these disparate groups. Their constituents see the patchwork of some lagging groups, and try to form a coalition to keep them in political power. So they have to take up the cause of some things that are way outside the mainstream. Criminality is way outside the mainstream. They know it, but they don’t care.”

“If they truly cared, the Democrats as a party, if they truly cared about the lives of black people — first of all, they would have been on board in terms of defunding Planned Parenthood,” he said. “Planned Parenthood has aborted more black babies than any other demographic. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember the year — 2012, 2014, don’t hold me to the year — in New York City, more black babies were aborted than were born.”

“If Democrats as a party truly cared about black lives, they would unshackle these kids from these failing public schools in these American ghettos, and they’d get behind things like school choice and the voucher program, like Donald Trump has vowed to do, to give these struggling parents a chance to break this generational cycle of poverty, by getting their kids a great education,” Clarke urged.

“If the Democrat Party truly cared about the lives of black people, they would support the police, who are the only group that goes on a daily basis down into these crime-ravaged ghettos, to protect who? The lives of good, law-abiding black and brown people.”

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