Roger Stone: Saying Trump ‘in Bed with Putin’ is a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ — While Clinton ‘Does Paid Errands’ for Russian Oligarchs


On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily, Roger Stone said it wasn’t conspiracy-mongering paranoia to ask about Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s ties to radical Islamist organizations.

“No conspiracy theory – this is really simple,” Stone explained. “Her parents were funders of the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs, also active in the World Muslim League – both funded by the radical sheikh Omar Abdul Naseef, who also founded the Rabita Trust, identified by the Department of Justice as one of the funders of the attack on America on 9/11. Those are indisputable facts.”

When SiriusXM host Alex Marlow pointed out the the Left is looking for opportunities to label Clinton critics as purveyors of conspiracy theories, Stone responded, “I’ll give you a conspiracy theory: Donald Trump and Paul Manafort are in bed with Vladimir Putin. Now there’s a conspiracy theory!”

“Bill and Hillary, who’ve done the paid errands for the oligarchs around Putin – Donald Trump’s never met Putin,” he continued. “Putin’s certainly met the Clintons. That’s why he doesn’t trust them. Yet he’s well aware of the fact that Hillary’s a neocon, and that she’s probably committed to war with Russia, where Donald Trump wants a period of detente.”

He said Hillary Clinton has “clear ties to Putin and his inner circle of oligarchs, while Trump has none. That’s a conspiracy theory.”

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