Sonnie Johnson: Clinton ‘Needs to Get Enthusiasm’ from Black Voters — ‘Her Firewall Is Crumbling’ Because Trump Is Talking Directly to the Black Community

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Blogger and podcaster Sonnie Johnson joined Breitbart’s Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle on Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM to discuss Hillary Clinton’s scheduled speech in Nevada – in which, as Boyle put it, “she’s going to call all of us racists,” by building the “alt-right” into a menace and tying it to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

“I think this is her easiest route to try to get some enthusiasm in the black community,” said Johnson.

“A lot of the black community did not see her as a candidate, and thought they saw an alternative in Bernie Sanders,” she explained. “So when Bernie Sanders basically just got routed, got cheated, as Hillary did everything she possibly could to make sure he had no chance, no hope, a lot of younger black Americans especially started to see the Democratic Party for what it is.”

“You don’t have to bring the Democratic Party down, because they will bring themselves down, because they are so freakin’ terrible,” Johnson declared. “People will start to see them very clearly, and a lot of younger black America has seen that. What Hillary is attempting to do right now is to give them a ‘safe space,’ is to kind of create that area where, okay, the same old dynamic that we’ve always had in America, that’s gonna stay – where you get to take out your grievances, and white privilege gets to work, and all of this crap that they have put into our society, say over the last 20 years especially.”

“They are being rejected. It is being thoroughly rejected,” she asserted. “Now you have black people that are like, ‘We want solutions, and you’re not talking solutions.’ So she needs to get enthusiasm from the black vote to show up, because she wants us to be her firewall.”

“As she starts to see her firewall crumble – which I am so blessed to live during the time when I can watch her firewall crumble! – she has to do anything she can, and this will be the year that Donald Trump has took sexism away from her, so this is not a ‘War on Women,’ and as long as he keeps talking to the black community and does not stop, because they call him a racist, he will take racism from the Democratic Party, and it is a beautiful thing to watch,” Johnson said.

Boyle noted that after a long drumbeat of news about the plight of the black community, the media is suddenly pushing back against the idea that community is suffering, entirely because Donald Trump began talking about it.

Johnson said “of course” the black community is suffering.

“Here’s the deal. Here’s why they don’t want you to look at the suffering. It’s because then, they will have to take responsibility for what they have done in the inner cities! They can’t blame it on Republicans. They can’t say it’s our fault. They can’t say that we did it. So if you go in and you actually point to the bad that is going on in the black community, Democrats are going to have to take responsibility for what they have done, the last 60 years,” she said.

“Here’s the drill with Republicans,” she continued. “Understand that there are also very successful black people in this country, who don’t need the benefit of a savior. What we need is the boot off of our neck, so that we can be the builders, and the creators, and the innovators that America needs at this time.”

“Let me take it out of race for a second. This is not about race at all,” Johnson said. “This is about the movers and the shakers, the cream of the crop of America, standing up and taking over, not just in politics – in business, in job creation, in school choice, in so many different areas, of getting crime out of the black community. There is so much work to be done. So you also have to court the black people who already have the knowledge, who already have the standards, who already have the morals.”

“We’re out here too, and we’re trying to fight too. Give us a place where we can go in, and start solving some of these problems, and make that understood, that these solutions aren’t going to come from the federal government – because that’s where we are, as conservatives, that’s where we are as Republicans,” she urged.

“These answers just aren’t gonna come from federal government,” Johnson said. “They’re going to come at the local level. And that even helps Republicans down-ticket, so it is a win-win proposition to make sure we remember who we are as conservatives, take this back to a republic, and make all politics local – starting with the successful black people in those local areas. They already know the people, they already know the territory. Give them a chance to be the voice, instead of having it come from the federal level.”

Boyle pointed to a USA Today op-ed by the new chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, arguing that Trump’s outreach to the black community was “deluded.”

“What’s your response to Donna Brazile?” Boyle asked.

“We’re coming, Donna,” Johnson replied. “Be ready.”

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