Ann Coulter: After Mexico Visit, ‘I Think We Can Start Working on the Trump Transition Team’

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Ann Coulter, author of the new book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!, found the GOP nominee’s visit to Mexico so successful that she told SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Breitbart News Daily, “I think we can start working on the Trump transition team.”

As Kassam pointed out, Coulter also proclaimed Trump’s immigration speech “the greatest speech ever given.” She said that assessment was not intended as hyperbole.

“I’m just going to watch it whenever I’m not on radio or sleeping,” she said. “That was the most perfect speech, and Trump – I describe this in In Trump We Trust, he is so brilliant. Every time you think Trump has made a mistake – and I describe these incidents in my book, as with John McCain, and we’ve seen it recently with the claims about Khizr Khan, this snarling Muslim at the Democratic convention, lecturing Trump on how he’s not allowed to venture opinions because his son didn’t die in Iraq. Look, maybe I don’t know America, and maybe Khizr Khan knows it better, but I don’t think that’s going over well.”

“In any event, all throughout this campaign, he’d do things that at first I thought, ‘Ah, I wish he hadn’t said that,’ and then I learned to start telling my friends – who’d call me as if they could yell at me for everything Trump does – and I’d say, ‘Just wait a few days. Let’s see how it plays out.’ And look at what he did, with the stuff he said on Hannity last week, on the alleged softening,” she continued. “He got every network to cover that speech live, the most magnificent speech in human history.”

“They have not been covering his speeches, because if you don’t know, they have been fantastic, unbelievable, beginning with his convention speech. They’ve just been knockouts, home runs, so magnificent,” Coulter enthused, adding that she was quick to “criticize my guy, when he does something wrong,” but “other than the Hannity interview last week, there has been nothing to criticize.”

She said that’s why the media prefers not to broadcast Trump’s speeches.

“No, they just go on TV and say it was dark, it was awful, it was mean, it was cruel. Yes, but what did he say that you didn’t like? ‘It was dark, it was mean, it was awful, it was cruel, trust us viewers, don’t look at the speech,’” she mocked. “Well, ha ha. Viewers saw it last night, because of this huge buildup – ‘Is he pivoting, is he pivoting?’ It was such brilliant showmanship.”

“Also, I mean, it may well be, as the rumor has it, that certain of his campaign advisers – not the great Steve Bannon – Chris Christie, Giuliani, they’re claiming Sean Hannity, Roger Ailes, they’re pushing him into the softening, softening,” she speculated, naming the executive editor of Breitbart News, the governor of New Jersey, the former mayor of New York City, a Fox News host, and the former chairman of Fox News, respectively, all of them either official or rumored advisers to the Trump campaign.

“It may be that Trump thought, ‘Okay, screw you guys, I’m gonna float this as a trial balloon. Let’s see how the public reacts,’” Coulter continued. “And he gets a thunderous response back, and it just goes right back to what he’s been saying since he announced he was running for President on June 16, 2015.”

She thought Trump’s visit to Mexico was such a powerful statement that he scarcely even needed to deliver what she hailed as “the most magnificent speech ever given” in Arizona afterward.

“It was unbelievably fantastic. He was totally in control. He has Hillary looking – and I’m sorry, male or female, it matters that she looks so haggard, like she hadn’t slept at all the night before, rolled out of bed wearing that crazy muumuu, empty seats there – and then you have Trump, already appearing to be the President,” Coulter declared. “I mean, I was hoping we’d get this sort of look from Trump’s convention.”

Unfortunately, she found the 2016 Republican National Convention wasn’t much of a “show.” Happily, she said, “we got it in Mexico.”

Coulter gave her account of Trump’s press conference in Mexico, and how it discombobulated Clinton-aligned media:

Trump looked presidential. It was like he was standing at the U.N., or perhaps giving his own presidential press conference. It was great. He was lovely, he was friendly, as we know he would be. We know he’s a great negotiator, and he was.

He charmed the president of Mexico, concedes not a single point, and then a reporter at the end of their press conference asks to take questions – and it isn’t the host of this whole event, it isn’t the president of Mexico, who makes the decision. It’s Trump who says, ‘Yes, we’ll take a few questions, Mike,’ or whatever the first guy was he called on.

They asked, ‘Did you talk about the wall?’ Trump says ‘No,’ right in front of the president of Mexico, and oh my gosh, MSNBC is hysterical. ‘What, the President of Mexico didn’t harangue Donald Trump?’

“No, he looked fantastic yesterday,” she concluded.

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