Pat Caddell: Democrat Voters Worried About Hillary Clinton’s Health Issues; It’s ‘in Their Heads’

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In offering analysis of the ongoing presidential election, longtime Democratic pollster Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow on Thursday how surprised he is that health has been at the forefront.

“One of the things I am surprised about is apparently how much the health issue has affected this race, or seems to be affecting it,” said Caddell. “Yesterday, there were two polls. Morning Consult and Rasmussen had very similar numbers.”

Caddell continued:

The health issue overall is very much a partisan issue, but that doesn’t account for almost the same numbers here, which, I’m going to read you the question: “As you know, Hillary Clinton left an event on September 11th earlier than scheduled due to health concerns. It was later revealed to be pneumonia. Do you think Hillary’s health concerns negatively impact her ability to serve as President?” Forty-three, yes; forty-four, no. Rasmussen has a similar question: forty-three, yes; forty-six, no.

“This is in their heads. This is in their consciousness,” said Caddell, speaking of Clinton’s health issue. “It is one of the things worrying them. … Democratic groups, too – and that can be deadly.”

Caddell went on to discuss recently released polls, including ones showing Trump leading nationally and in the swing states of Ohio, Florida, and Nevada.

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