Pat Caddell on Hillary Clinton Debate Prep: ‘Ninety Minutes Under Those Lights Is a Long Time’

Washington, DC

Democratic pollster Pat Caddell discussed recent campaign news with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. Concerning Hillary Clinton’s cancellation of a Tuesday fundraiser in North Carolina, Caddell said, “I think it’s smart, to be honest. She needs her rest. We know that, and she needs a good debate performance.”

“They’re really centering on this debate,” Caddell continued, “and I think she’s someone who needs that kind of preparation. So I would do the same thing.”

Caddell also pointed out that her campaign hardly needs the money, given the huge backing from special interests.

“With doubts about her health, ninety minutes under those lights is a long time,” he added.

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