Omarosa on African Americans for Trump: ‘If You Want Something You’ve Never Had, You’ve Got to Do Something You’ve Never Done’


Omarosa Manigault, once a contestant on The Apprentice and now director of African American outreach for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, told SiriusXM host Matt Boyle on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily that Democrats should be worried about black voters breaking away to Donald Trump.

“Generally, the African American vote goes to the Democrat side – 95 percent during Barack Obama, previous years 87 percent, 90 percent,” she said. “And by Donald Trump garnering 15, 16 percent right now in the polls, it is really blowing the Democrats’ minds because they generally take the African American vote for granted. They just assume that they are automatically going to get that vote, so they don’t work very hard to earn it.”

She stated:

With Mr. Trump making a concerted effort – a genuine, honest effort – to reach out to the community, engage the community, and let them know that the conditions that are in their community right now, and has existed in the community for 30 or 40 years, is unacceptable, then the Democrats have to step up, and they actually have to do the work to earn the vote this time.

Manigault said the first step toward energizing the U.S. economy, and reviving job creation, is to determine “what’s causing the unemployment level to be so high.” She pointed back to the educational system:

When you see that people have no opportunity to go to schools, or good schools, nor do they have access to the resources they need, like training so that they can have a job or a vocation, that really becomes key.

So Mr. Trump is focusing on school choice, on creating training opportunities, on making sure that particularly young African American men in the community who are suffering the most, who are under 30, who don’t have jobs – 65 percent of them are unemployed – he wants to make sure they have the training opportunities they need, and that they have educational opportunities, as well.

Everyone doesn’t have to go to college, but they could go to a trade school or vocation school, and they will be empowered to change their situations.

Boyle asked about the riots in Charlotte and Trump’s comment that “these problems keep happening because we keep trying the same thing and expecting a different result.”

Manigault said Trump’s message to the people of Charlotte and inner-city communities across the country was to try something different than the decades of failed policies and leadership under which they have lived:

It’s very interesting, I was reading some comments from Hillary Clinton, and she spoke at a dinner for Trayvon Martin, and she said if you elect Donald Trump, you will continue to see violence, and the death of young people, and these types of killings.

And I’m thinking, “Wow, what does she have to say now?” We’re looking at a situation that has become all too familiar in this country, where you see tensions, and you see a community that is in anguish. You see the loss of life that’s totally unnecessary.

And we have, in this case, a Justice Department that has been run for eight years by African Americans; a President, of course, who is African American; mayors who are Democrats; and a police chief who is African American and Democrat–and you still see this type of tension. Which means that we have to do something different.

If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

And so when I cut on the television, and I see that these things are continuing, and all the Democrats are doing is still just talkingjust talking, talking, talking, talking, and not doing? That should be a wake-up call to any voter who Hillary continues to promise, “If you elect me, things will change.” Well, she’s been in Washington what, 40 years? And nothing has changed.

Boyle mentioned the theme of Friday’s Breitbart News Daily installment, which was the appeal Trump is making to former Democrats as a post-partisan candidate who can get things done in Washington.

“Well, you know, during the Reagan race, there were the Reagan Democrats, and they played a very important and significant role in that election,” Manigault recalled:

What you’re seeing is the emergence of Trump Democrats – you know, Democrats who realize that Democratic policies have failed them, that Hillary Clinton and these Democrats continue to be full of hot air, and they want substance.

And they know that Donald Trump is a man who has built an empire, this business empire that is just incredible. And he has hired Americans for jobs, and he has employed folks, whereas his opponent has never written a check, or signed a paycheck for anyone, you know, because she’s worked for the government, and has never really created jobs, and knows how to do that.

If they want true leadership where they’ll see results, if they want true leadership where people are no longer just telling them what she thinks they want to hear, someone who’s actually going to implement the change that we need in this country–and knowing him for the last 13, 14 years, I can tell you that that right person, that person who can bring about that change, is Donald J. Trump.

Manigault said she could not give any details about a rumored Trump visit to Charlotte after Monday night’s first presidential debate, due to security concerns, but she declared, “Mr. Trump wants to go wherever there are Americans who are hurting. Mr. Trump wants to go into places where there needs to be a light shined on issues that have plagued this country.”

“And Mr. Trump isn’t afraid to go to the tough places. Look at Louisiana. While the President was playing golf, Donald Trump was there for the people who were hurting, who were suffering, whose houses had been destroyed.” She added, “Donald Trump was there. And you look around, and you’re like, ‘Where’s Hillary Clinton? Where’s the President?’ And the folks are still grateful that he was there.”

“What he wants to do is to be there for Americans who feel like people have turned their backs on them. And so as long as everything logistically works out, certainly, yes, he will go visit those folks,” she said of Trump’s possible Charlotte visit.

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