Pat Caddell: Media Schedules Polling to Help Hillary Clinton and Dump on Donald Trump

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Washington, DC

While acknowledging that the release of a controversial open mic recording hurt GOP nominee Donald Trump, as to current polling, Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Tuesday, “I love this about the timing of polling. … When Hillary Clinton’s in trouble, it takes the polls a long time to come out. We keep waiting and waiting for polls. But if there’s something bad about Trump, they’re out. I mean, they go in the field right away.”

“I’ll let it speak for itself,” added Caddell.

Later in the interview, Caddell said, “We’ll find out what’s happening when we get a chance to have polls later in the week. Listen, I think  Trump took a beating after that period. But I also think he did well in the debate, and I think that things will adjust themselves to some extent. But meanwhile, that becomes the news.”

I think there are agendas here, that’s why. We’re not surprised by them. We see them in the media all the time.”

“That’s the news out there,” meaning negative news about Trump, said Caddell, “They keep pushing it.”

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