Caddell on ‘What’s at Stake’: Do the People Run This Country or ‘the Political Class and Their Media Lackeys?’

Washington, DC

Political pollster and analyst Pat Caddell told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM on Wednesday that Republican nominee Donald Trump has to remind people down the stretch “what’s at stake” in deciding who to vote for on November 8th.

Trump, Caddell said, has to “remind the people this is really a choice between whether they, the American people, are master’s of this country or whether the political class and their media lackeys are the masters of this country.”

Caddell has already been arguing for Trump to employ “a long form speech” in the election’s closing weeks to take his case directly to voters. He wants Trump to “go over the head of the media” to ask people “how do they like what they’ve gotten so far and do they want more of it and even worse” in the form of a Clinton administration following on the heels of Obama’s two terms.

“First of all, the media would be forced to cover it,” said Caddell. “It would be a compelling argument, and I believe he ought to try to do it as soon as possible.”

Added Caddell, “I think he ought to try and do one or two of these in the next ten days.”

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