Bolton: Iranian People ‘Would Long for a New Regime’


Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton told Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Thursday that he still believes the only real solution for Iran is “regime change.”

“The only longterm solution is regime change in Tehran,” said Bolton. “The ayatollahs are the principal threat to international peace and security and the Middle East.”

Bolton continued, “Their ouster won’t bring sweetness and light to the region, that’s for sure, but it will eliminate the principal threat.”

“I think the people of Iran would long for a new regime. I think we saw that in the summer of 2009 with the protests against the fraudulent re-election of  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” said Bolton.

He also recalled seeing Iranians holding up posters for television cameras at the time, saying, “Are you with us or against us?” Bolton felt Obama reacted too slowly, if at all, to the opportunity, preferring instead to settle for a controversial nuclear deal.

Bolton was careful not to discuss any potential role in a Trump administration or take on recent criticism from Sen. Rand Paul. He did, however, take up the debate about interventionism in foreign policy. “You hear a lot of debate about interventionism versus non-interventionism. I find that debate very unproductive,” he said. “To me,” continued Bolton, “it’s like saying, ‘Do you prefer a spoon or a knife?’ The immediate next question is, ‘For what?'”

Bolton described the two approaches to foreign policy more as “tools” to be used, as opposed to a set policy. “You do what’s appropriate,” said Bolton. “You don’t decide on a tool before you decide what your policy is.”

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