‘Whatever It Takes’: Michelle Malkin Tells Curt Schilling Mitt Romney Should Be Told ‘NeverTrump Means Never Hired’


Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin told Curt Schilling, the host of Whatever It Takes, she was stunned to hear that Mitt Romney is still a candidate to lead Donald Trump’s State Department.

“I want him to have nothing to do with our political system going forward,” said the mighty right-hander, whose show is broadcast daily from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Eastern online at Breitbart.com.

Malkin told Schilling that the joke she heard repeatedly from inside the Trump inner circle that she thought should be the ruling policy is “NeverTrump means never hired.” It would be a good rule to follow, she said.

Schilling told Malkin he saw mayors of sanctuary cities on television pledging to defy the incoming Trump administration.

Malkin, whose first book, Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, explained in 2002 how immigration policy was serving the needs of the elites and hurting regular Americans, said sanctuary cities, where local and state officials decline to cooperate with federal immigration enforcement, are still a major problem and are no going away.

Schilling asked, “When did federal law become malleable? When did following it become optional?” Malkin said it has been transpiring for decades.

In addition to illegal immigration, the federal government has a H-1B guest worker visa program that allows companies to ship in cheaper workers, she said.

In many cases, such as the situation at Disney, American workers were forced to train their own replacements, she said.

“American workers, who are excellent at their job–they’ve done nothing wrong, other than be inconvenient for these companies–they force these workers to train their inferior replacements as a condition of their severance,” she said.

“Donald Trump has said he will end this practice, which has been done since 1990–in defiance of the specific pledges and supposed regulations in the law to prevent exactly what’s been happening right under our noses,” Malkin said.

Sovereignty issues and immigration enforcement are topics she has been devoted to for the last 25 years, she said.

Malkin, who is the hostess of the CRTV program Michelle Malkin Investigates, said she supported Trump because he understood that sovereignty and immigration were core issues. “We are closer now than we have ever been before to achieving actual immigration enforcement,” she said.

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Listen to the full Curt Schilling conversation with Michelle Malkin:


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