Ken Blackwell: Media ‘Borking’ Sessions Because He’s Southern ‘White, Conservative, Evangelical’


Ken Blackwell, former Ohio secretary of state and domestic adviser to Trump’s transition team, joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Thursday to discuss his recent op-ed on the media’s attacks on Senator Jeff Sessions after President-elect Donald Trump nominated Sessions for attorney general in his incoming administration.

“The Washington Post and L.A. Times spent more than a month working on stories that were exclusively about Senator Sessions and race. Their attempt to define him not by his last twenty years in the Senate, but by the notion that he was white, conservative, evangelical, and from the South meant, in their view, that he could not escape the label of being a racist,” said Blackwell.

“They don’t use facts,” he added. “They don’t use measurable, observable behavior and activity. They, in fact, create this false image of a guy who they would like to bring down because they see him as the tip of the spear of moving us back to a system that respects the rule of law … that respects the Constitution.”

Blackwell said, “This is an all-out political attack. This is an effort to misdefine Jeff Sessions in a way that they can destroy him.”

“This is,” he added, “pure and simple, the borking of Jeff Sessions. They did it to Judge Bork in the eighties, and they’re trying to do it now to Jeff Sessions.”

Blackwell predicted the effort will fail and Sessions will be confirmed.

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