Gorka: ‘Forgotten Man’ Was Given a Voice on November 8, and the Media Can’t Stand It

AP Photo/Ronda Churchill
AP Photo/Ronda Churchill

Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump and former national security editor for Breitbart News, joined SiriusXM host Lee Stranahan for Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily.

Stranahan brought up the outrageous allegation by a left-wing blogger that Gorka was a Nazi sympathizer, based on a medal he was seen wearing. The false story was eagerly repeated, without the slightest bit of fact-checking, by Chelsea Clinton and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others.

“My parents escaped Communist Hungary in 1956,” Gorka recalled. “My father actually escaped from a prison, a Communist prison, because he was an anti-Communist and he had been betrayed and given a life sentence at the age of 20. In exile, he was awarded a medal – it’s the Order of the Vitez – for his resistance to dictatorship in Hungary.”

“That Order, for some people, because it is associated with the regent, Admiral Horthy, they think that makes my father, who escaped from a Communist prison, a fascist, and, therefore, neo-fascist,” he explained.

“It’s never about policies, Lee. It’s always about attacking the individual,” Gorka told Stranahan.

“My father was tortured in the basement of what used to be the Nazi secret police headquarters, at the age of twenty. He was tortured by Communists who, just a few years before, had been members of the Arrow Cross. That’s the irony of central Europe. A lot of fascists became Communists.”

“Remember, on the radical Left, facts are optional. I am on TV. I’ve been a vocal supporter of President Trump during the campaign. They have to attack me. It’s about Steve Bannon. It’s about Jared Kushner. It’s about General Mike Flynn. It’s not about the policies. It’s not about the substance. It’s about ad hominem attacks. If you want to be effective, it’s about triangulation and isolation. That’s all it is, Lee. You know it better than anybody,” Gorka said.

“The irony is, the first person who wrote this article about me was allegedly fired from his last employer for anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic attitudes,” he noted. “That’s the reality. You read my book, Defeating Jihad. It’s about how Israel is our closest ally. Not only that, I have said, for me, groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda are the new fascists. The linkage between groups that burn people alive, that behead people because they have the wrong passport, the linkage between them and the Communist and the fascists is the same. They’re all totalitarians. One of them may have worshiped Karl Marx. The other may have worshiped the Aryan purity and Mein Kampf. These people are totalitarians, as well, groups like ISIS. They’re just doing it in the name of their version of Islam.”

Gorka agreed with Stranahan that attacks on Trump administration officials like himself are actually attacks on his “audience.”

“It has to have that broader connection. Why? Because what I’ve seen in the last three-and-a-half weeks of us being in office is all we have is a majority of the media reporting reflects one thing, Lee: they cannot believe, refuse to believe, what happened on November the 8th. The American people spoke. The ‘forgotten man’ was given a voice. And they can’t stand it, Lee.”

“As a result, what President Trump stands for must be attacked day in and day out. It’s not about policies. Remember, we never talk about Russia policy. It’s about who bugged Mike Flynn, and what he said to the vice president. It’s never about policy. It’s never about ISIS. It’s the classic attack, Lee: ‘When did you stop beating your wife?’ Remember? That’s what they’re doing,” he said.

Dr. Gorka recorded a longer version of his father’s story in a video interview with Stranahan. See it here.

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