Gainor on Antifa: If Republican Protesters Threw Urine at Cops, It Would Be Front-Page News

Anti-fascist counter-protesters wait outside Emancipation Park to hurl insults as white nationalists, neo-Nazis and members of the 'alt-right' are forced out after the 'Unite the Right' rally was declared an unlawful gathering August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. After clashes with anti-fascist protesters and police the rally was declared an …
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Media Research Center Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Monday to discuss the Republican Party’s failure to back President Trump’s agenda, as well as media’s refusal to condemn or even acknowledge left-wing violence at rallies.

Speaking about recent Antifa protests in Boston, Gainor said, “I think what happened in Boston was that very few people showed up for the protestors to do anything with and even then they managed to have some negative encounters with the police.”

“When the chief of police comes out and asks people not to throw bottles of urine at police, you know you’ve got a problem with the group of people that are protesting,” he added.

“Will that make a big deal in the media? No,” Gainor said. “If Republicans or conservatives, and boy they’re not always the same thing, if they were throwing bottles of urine at police it would be a headline on the evening news, front-page of the Washington Post,” he added.

Gainor said it happens all the time because left-wing protestors hate police but media all  but ignores that along with their violent tendencies.

On Washington politics, said Gainor, “I’m not even sure the GOP on the Hill want to get anything done. They’re a mixture of cowardice and political calculation that they don’t want to try to get anything done with  Trump.”

“I think it’s just craven cowardice,” added Gainor.

“If you’re afraid to pass anything that you’ve run on, well then why should anybody ever elect you, ever,” he said.

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