Tevi Troy Praises Trump Admin’s Planning, Preparation and Response for Hurricane Harvey


CEO of the American Health Policy Institute and author of “Shall We Wake The President? Two Centuries of Disaster Management from the Oval Office,” Tevi Troy joined Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday to discuss the Trump administration’s response to Hurricane Harvey.

Troy also wrote a Wall Street Journal item yesterday, “Trump’s Reassuring Hurricane Response,” praising President Trump’s handling of events.

From the piece:

President Trump visited Texas Tuesday to assess the damage from Hurricane Harvey and show concern for its victims. So far, his administration is largely getting praise for effective handling of the crisis. Washington’s disaster authorities appear to be in sync with the state on roles and responsibilities; the Federal Emergency Management Agency and its leader, Brock Long, deployed resources as Harvey approached; and the government response as a whole appears well coordinated.

“I give FEMA a grade of A-plus, all the way from the president down,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott told “Fox News Sunday.” Yes, Mr. Abbott is a fellow Republican, but he is also interested in protecting Texas and would not have said “A-plus” if the state weren’t getting what it needed. That assessment is backed up by Rear Adm. W. Craig Vanderwagen, a former career emergency manager who is plugged into the Harvey effort. “Early read,” he told me in an email, “is that Executive Branch is performing well under this President.”

Said Troy today, “I think he (Trump) has been doing a good job in large part because he brought in smart personnel, experienced personnel, who know how to deal with disasters and have dealt with them before. and they also did a lot of preparation in advance. So, thus far, I’ve been pleased with what I’ve been seeing in their response.”

Troy pointed out that the administration pre-deployed equipment and personnel, calling it “a very important first step” and key to a successful effort in Texas.

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