Roy Moore’s Longtime Friend: The World Is Watching the Alabama Race That Will ‘Determine the Course of This Nation for Decades to Come’

UNITED STATES - AUGUST 3: GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Roy Moore speaks during a candidates' forum in Valley, Ala., on Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017. The former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court is running in the special election to fill the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. …
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Former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Dean Young, a longtime friend of Alabama candidate for the U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore, joined Breitbart News Sunday on SiriusXM Patriot with host Raheem Kassam. Young warned that the race between Moore and Mitch McConnell’s hand-picked candidate Luther Strange is the most important in the country and will “determine the course of this nation for decades to come.”

Young called the race between Moore and Strange the “most important race here in the United States.” Moore came in first and Strange second in an August primary election. In Tuesday’s runoff election, Alabama voters will choose which to send to face off a Democrat in the deep red state’s general election.

Strange was appointed to the Senate by former Gov. Robert Bentley who told reporters that Strange was the “first one that [Mitch McConnell] mentioned” for the appointment according to the New York Times. The appointment was to the seat that Jeff Sessions vacated for his position as Attorney General in the Trump administration. Strange is a former longtime Washington, DC, lobbyist.

Young noted during the radio program that this is the first U.S. Senate race since Trump’s election. Young explained that the establishment came in early and said they were going to support Luther Strange. According to Young, they have spent $30 million in support of Strange and “trying to destroy Roy Moore.”

“What we’ve got is a man of great character,” Young said of Moore. He told the listening audience that Moore attended West Point, fought in the Vietnam War, and believes in defending the Constitution.

“If they can beat Judge Roy Moore in the state of Alabama, who has stood for what has made this country great. If they can spend their money … to beat him, they can beat anybody,” said Young of the Republican establishment. “This is really, I think, gonna determine the course of this nation for decades to come.”

Young spoke at a Saturday evening rally for Moore which Kassam attended.

Kassam remarked that the people at the rally love Donald Trump and adored defeating “crooked” Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, but they are supporting Roy Moore because they “know Roy Moore is the MAGA candidate. They know that this is the person that has stood up for conservatism, like you say, for the Christian God, for the principles this country was founded upon and that Luther Strange is no such thing.”

Young agreed. He commented that Strange has been his attorney general in the state of Alabama and couldn’t think of anything Strange had done.

He added that Breitbart News Executive Chairman Steve Bannon understands what is going on in this race between McConnell’s hand-picked establishment candidate and Judge Moore — that if the establishment can beat Moore, then they can beat anybody.

Young called on the people of Alabama to “go and talk to your church, we need you to talk to your neighbors, email everybody, call everybody because you are the ones that will determine what happens here in Alabama.”

“If Judge Moore wins, and I think he will, then, then the nation and the world will get a lecture, a nice one, on the constitution of the United States, where we came from as a people and we really do have a Constitution,” said Young.

Young commented on the silence establishment Republicans when it comes to some of the federal judges “ruining our nation and our culture.” Kassam agreed that establishment Republicans have left it to President Trump to take the hits on such issues.

Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle came into the conversation with Young and Kassam. Boyle spoke of President Trump’s words at a Friday night rally for Luther Strange that Young had brought up in his speech at Saturday evening’s rally for Moore.

In response to Boyle, Young lauded the president for his comments made at the rally for Strange when Trump said he might have made a mistake when it comes to Strange and committed that if Moore wins he will back him and campaign “like hell” for Moore. Young said that he got the loudest response when he asked the Saturday Moore rally crowd to let him know if they voted for President Trump, love him and are going to vote for Moore and love him. He recalled that the whole crowd on a hillside stood up and applause rose throughout the entire area.

“I would burn my house down right now for Donald Trump be president instead of Hillary Clinton,” Young went on to say. He recalled fighting congressmen who threw Donald Trump “under the bus” during the final month of the 2016 election.

Young said he was “thankful” and “honored” that Trump had the courage and character to say that he may have made a mistake and was committed to coming back to Alabama to help Moore if he won.

Boyle recalled covering the 2016 Trump presidential rally in Huntsville where Jeff Sessions got on stage with Trump and became the first U.S. Senator to endorse Trump for president. He added that he didn’t recall seeing Strange out showing support for the then-presidential candidate.

Young recalled attending a Trump rally in Mobile and said that nobody knew where Strange stood on anything. He continued, “Judge Roy Moore has stood behind President Trump the entire time, and Judge Moore will be President Trump’s best advocate when he gets up there, and he will help him on the issues that were in his platform when he won him the presidency.”

“Don’t let Luther Strange and Mitch McConnell trick you,” said Young. “Because that’s what they’re trying to do because, listen, Mitch McConnell does not want Judge Moore up there. It’s that simple. And there’s a reason for that. It’s because they want Luther to do what Mitch McConnell says, and you cannot tell Judge Moore what to do.”

Young continued:

Donald Trump can take great pleasure in knowing that he will have an advocate that will stand against illegal immigration, that will stand for gun rights, that will stand for the economy getting better and better and better, that will stand for the Constitution of the United States and for the God that this nation was founded on and they can count on it.

He asked the listening audience to vote if they live in Alabama and if they live outside the state to pray for Judge Moore “because all the world’s coming after him right now.” Young told the listeners to be thankful for Bannon, Farage, for others who are coming in to stand up for Moore, “we need their help and it just shows you that the world is watching to see what happens, it’s that important.”

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