James O’Keefe Teases Next Video: Silicon Valley Is Now Part of the Mainstream Media Bias Problem

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James O’Keefe of Project Veritas discussed his expose of bias at the New York Times with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily.

“We’re very excited about this project. This is a hidden camera investigation into and inside the New York Times. ‘All the news that’s fit to print’; this is the so-called ‘paper of record.’ Alex, the one thing the New York Times always says, at least to me, is that the difference between them and people like me, people like you, is that they are objective. They’re the real journalists. They don’t have any political agenda,” said O’Keefe.

“This investigation quite clearly shows that they do, in fact, have an agenda – one that actually contravenes their own ethical policies,” he said.

“In this 15-minute long Video Number One, you hear this guy who’s – a lot of what he says is true, all of what he says might be true, we just can’t confirm the bit where he says, ‘James Comey is my godfather.’ He’s under a psychosis or he’s a sociopath or he is, in fact, James Comey’s godson,” said O’Keefe, referring to a claim made by NYT video editor Nick Dudich in the undercover video.

“But there’s also tape where he talks about how he’s trying to target the Trumps’ business, he used to work for the Hillary Clinton campaign – we did confirm that. He knows people, for example, in social media companies, and he uses that to sort of curate videos. He hints at that, and there’s more of that to come. He’s talking about how, basically, he has an agenda, that he is the gatekeeper, that his imprint is on every single video the New York Times does. He says, ‘That’s why I’m here,’” O’Keefe noted.

“My favorite bit in the video is when he says, ‘I’ll say that I’m objective’ and then leans into the hidden camera and he goes, ‘But I’m really not.’ That’s sort of what he says. And the managing editor of the New York Times has responded and said that it was a violation of his ethical policy. No word on whether they fired him or not, but we’ll see what happens over the next few hours,” he reported.

Marlow proposed that the individual caught in the Project Veritas video sting was representative of a deep, unacknowledged culture of bias at the Times and other major media outlets, citing the long-hidden revelations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s depravity as another example of institutional bias in action.

“The last investigation we did was on CNN, and that was also pretty riveting,” O’Keefe recalled. “That was a guy in Atlanta from CNN saying that the Russia stuff was B.S. This guy is an editor for the video department at the New York Times. His imprint is on all the videos. He does help curate the videos. He’s not necessarily as low-level as the Times is making him out to be.”

“We’ll finally be able to see inside the heart and soul of who these people really are,” he anticipated. “There’s one moment where this New York Times editor is sitting in a cafe below the building, and he’s talking about James Comey and his book deal, and he’s just kind of a despicable person. He really is, if you look at the video and his agenda. He wants to target Trump’s ‘dumbf**k of a son.’”

“They’re going to say, Alex, as they always do, that it’s an isolated incident, that it’s a rogue employee. Of course, Veritas is to drop Video Number Two, Video Number Three, Video Number Four,” he teased. “When you do this type of journalism, you have to focus on specific instances in order to make it systemic. You have to show one at a time.”

Marlow noted that Breitbart News has also learned the value of conducting multiple complementary investigations and releasing the results in installments to keep the mainstream media from burying stories it doesn’t like or dismissing them as flukes with no greater meaning.

O’Keefe agreed that the media, including the tech giants of New Media, still aggressively seeks to delegitimize renegade news sources like Project Veritas. “We’re not verified on Twitter, and I had a lot of these lefties on Twitter go, ‘Well, you’re not even verified!’ And I said, ‘Listen, I don’t want to be verified. We’re an existential threat to the establishment.’”

“I don’t think people have the balls to break the story on Harvey Weinstein in 2004. They’re not going to have the balls to go after the New York Times. I dare name any journalist – I ask them, please name other journalists who achieve the type of results that we achieve. We go after the sacred cows,” he said.

Marlow told the audience that Project Veritas’s further videos in the New York Times series are “explosive” and include evidence of collusion between the NYT and YouTube that “could potentially be criminal.”

O’Keefe agreed that Silicon Valley has become an integral part of the mainstream media.

“As you alluded to, without giving too much away, there is a connection between what we released yesterday and Silicon Valley,” he said.

O’Keefe described the response from the New York Times as “very serious” and upfront about how the remarks made by its employee in the video violated the paper’s ethical policies. However, he dinged the Times for dismissing Dudich as a “junior level staffer” to “lower expectations” and diminishing his influence and chuckled at the efforts of NYT management to warn the rest of its staff that undercover video sting operations against it might be on the way.

“I just rewteeted them and said, ‘Too late! More videos coming,’” O’Keefe said impishly.

“They’re ‘reviewing the situation,’” he said, quoting the New York Times’ statement. “We’ll see if they fire him, take disciplinary action, say he’s a rogue employee – and then we’ll drop Video Number Two.” (The second video was released shortly after O’Keefe completed his Breitbart News Daily interview.)

O’Keefe said he usually asks supporters to donate to his non-profit organization, “but today I’m going to ask the Breitbart audience for something else: we can’t do this without insiders.”

“We can’t do this unless people on the inside cooperate with us, tell us where the bodies are buried – people who are actually employed by these organizations,” he said. “We don’t always ask them to violate their NDAs. We just want to have a conversation and, of course, protect our identities. So I’d like to invite the people listening here: if you’re on the inside of one of these groups, one of these establishment media groups, Deep State groups, Silicon Valley groups, I want you to send us an email: VeritasTips at ProtonMail.com.”

“I want you to help us in our undercover work. Your security is our priority. We will protect you,” he promised.

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