Surabian: ‘We’re Witnessing the Meltdown of the McConnell Industrial Complex’

Mitch McConnell
Mark Wilson/Getty

Andrew Surabian, senior adviser to the Great America Alliance spoke with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Monday regarding Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s claim that Steve Bannon and others are “specialists in nominating people that lose.”

Surabian blasted McConnell as “the opposite of a fighter,” adding, “that’s why he hasn’t been able to pass any of the Trump agenda through the Senate. So, that’s number one.”

He continued, “No Senate candidate across the country wants to be associated with Mitch McConnell. Then you have to ask the question, why do these candidates not want to be publicly associated with Mitch McConnell and the reason is because they all know Mitch McConnell is an albatross on their campaigns in the primaries and in the general election.”

Mitch McConnell is the most disliked national political figure in the country,” said Surabian. He then went on to point out a number of McConnell’s handpicked candidates who have lost elections in recent years.

“No one has higher disapproval ratings than Mitch McConnell, so these candidates and their consultants and their pollsters understand that it’s much better for them to be associated with Donald Trump and Steve Bannon than it is to be associated with an albatross like Mitch McConnell.”

“We’re witnessing the meltdown of the McConnell industrial complex,” concluded Surabian.

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